Qingdao Shanghai dragon to talk about something that recent buying links

2 can not buy, do not buy. Website ranking is the most important rely on high quality original content to rely on links without content, it is difficult to obtain stable rankings, take time out hard point links every day, improve website ranking is also very fast, the key is to.

Qingdao Shanghai dragon on links to buy recommendations:

last night with a webmaster friends to chat, he said he bought the link again this month to spend 240 dollars, because he saw the site recently ranked up to second, third pages, feel the momentum is good, so I want to try to buy links to quickly improve website ranking. Since the last official said that after Google no longer update the PR value, during this has also love Shanghai linked to the sale of the act did blow, some bought linked sites generally right down, ranking drop. So many owners no longer believe that these links bring results, so that the link up business in the doldrums. But in about two months ago, Google PR suddenly came back, this time on the love of Shanghai on the sale and purchase of link behavior and not a voice, a business link time and the market, those companies or individuals on the link to eat and see the hope of life. read more

He Tao increase the long tail flow site keywords ranking

how to do? ?

I have done experiments that I went to search for what I wrote, Shanghai dragon I always make your own blog article was collected before considering to publish, but from the second day of the search results, is your site ranking possibility is very small. I summarized, there are several points: the weight of the weight of itself, the content page content page itself, "given the quality. After all is said and done is the weight, in order to make the search engine included our content, I do most is from the content quality check up. Another is to have a ranking, do not go to the big platform to release the soft (from the perspective of Shanghai dragon) at least you should not be in the short term, because of a very large impact is your own site get good rankings. read more