Cod liver oil ten brands list

in a variety of children’s health care products, cod liver oil is a very important component, and because of this, it will make the cod liver oil market has such a huge market demand. So, cod liver oil which brand is good? Next, let the small series to reveal the top ten list of cod liver oil, so that you can have more understanding of the industry’s brand.

Cod Liver Oil ten brand list, NO.1 health:

health has a comprehensive and scientific system of dietary supplement, including vitamins, minerals, natural herbal extracts and other functional nutritional supplements; in accordance with the auxiliary function, including enhancing immunity, improve energy, improve sleep, sports nutrition, beauty and nutrition of different functions. With a health demanding material source verification system, give full consideration to the cultivation of raw materials or raising environmental factors, select the most suitable raw materials in the global scope. So far, dozens of major raw materials and accessories imported from New Zealand, Norway, Germany, the United States, France, Japan, Thailand and other dozens of countries and regions.

cod liver oil ten brands NO.2, eugenics:

eugenics, the English name ELLEMOMMY, the brand interpretation to the quality of life". Good Mommy is maternal and child products Jiangsu infant Grenada Manchester’s maternal and child products limited company of science and technology, Jiangsu Ying Grenada Mann Technology Co. Ltd. is a maternal and child products authorized by the French Hachette Philip group. Pioneer ELLEMOMMY series of health – pregnant baby health industry Hachette Philip’s, founded in 1945 in Paris of France, has been committed to the prevention of health industry, to high-quality products, perfect service and world-renowned.

cod liver oil ten brands list NO.3, Acachi:

Akaqi Cod Liver Oil is Wuxi City Albert Jinzhao Biological Engineering Co., the company’s products, Albert Jinzhao after 10 years of market development, the achievements of China shark Cod Liver Oil professional brand. Albert Jinzhao company not only has the "Akaqi" brand, and "Albert Jinzhao", "aka" and other independent brands, have at the same time, shark Cod Liver Oil cod liver oil and other products of the leading technology and independent intellectual property rights.

Cod Liver Oil ten brand list NO.4, Iraq:

Iraq is Shandong dyne marine bio pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd’s brand, Shandong dyne marine bio pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd was founded in October 1994, is a high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise. The major products to children’s care and treatment in the field, the main products are: Iraq (vitamin AD capsule), cover Dixin (compound calcium carbonate granules), Yiganxin (licorzinc granules), and relates to >

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