Shijiazhuang, a young man jumped into the water to save the courageous

now the community has a lot of positive energy, in Shijiazhuang, there is such a story, a young man in the sight of others stumble into the water, desperate to rescue. Let people see the side of social justice, everyone for this courageous young man thumbs up, it is worth more people optimistic.

according to a person who was present at the scene, the incident occurred on the same day at 9 am, I do not know what the reason, the old lady walked by the river suddenly fell into the hearts of the people. Nearby saw people have exclaimed, but I do not know how to do. And at this time, a young man passing by without hesitation jumped into the cold water, hold up the old lady. At this point, the people gathered on the shore have reached out to pull. In the efforts of the people, the old lady was quickly rescued ashore, and save the young man has been drenched.

the public told reporters that the old lady fell about more than and 80 years old, from the old lady fell into the water to be rescued ashore, but also a few minutes, the speed is quite fast. Because the scene was quickly dialed 120, the old lady was quickly taken away to the hospital by the ambulance 120.

"so cold day, we are too lazy to even touch the cold water, the young man jumped into the river to save people, clothes are wet, is really good! This positive energy is worth promoting, but also worth learning the whole society!" At that time, the scene of a woman moved to say. "Here we have a heart of the old iron, and now there is a good guy to save, the atmosphere is getting better and better."

in such cold weather, the young man can disregard personal safety, to rescue the old man, from the young man we see the social justice. Later, the young man said he did not regret, if the next time to see a similar situation, will continue to rescue, can save more people’s lives.

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