How to operate cross regional catering franchise

in the huge pressure of life, people pursue more plain and comfortable life. Eating naturally can make you feel different in taste. This is one of the reasons for the development of food so good. Food and beverage investment has become a new situation. However, in the catering industry chain, many enterprises due to the lack of preparation, in a hurry to join start-up business strategy, the blind cross regional franchise franchise business layout, not only unfavorable, which causes a lot of adverse effects to the old business, quick thought caused by the consequences.

food and beverage trans regional how to operate? Do the following three things on the line.

food and beverage cross regional status quo

in the traditional thinking of the people, to open a restaurant is no longer an ordinary thing, alley, street, shopping malls, everywhere can open the door. However, in recent years, with the chain of food and beverage franchise expansion mode, the emergence of a food and beverage industry within the industry, which is also the case of successful capital operation and listing.

but numerous examples does remind us that the blind expansion and harm control management is very large, many companies because it involves cross industry or remote management positioning, so that the original sound business enterprise development was unable to get up after a fall.

business positioning

the development of a food and beverage business often starts from a number of cities, the first to achieve local success, but this is only a necessary condition for cross regional expansion, is not a sufficient condition. The consumption of food in any city has its own uniqueness, the taste of the residents, the level of consumption, work and lifestyle, urban commercial property planning and layout, there are significant differences. At the same time, the food supply, temperature and humidity conditions, talent supply is also different. If you want to cross regional chain, first of all need to re-examine your positioning – whether it has the universality of cross regional, whether it meets the soft and hard environment of other cities?

operating characteristics

competition everywhere. The current situation of the catering industry, there have been new entrepreneurs and join into the industry, the catering industry has become xiangbobo. In the face of such a market opportunity, colleagues will chase, imitation, or even completely similar, but this situation also makes some catering enterprises begin to cross regional development, thus, catering market competition began to upgrade, the flame will tit for tat kicked off, this time need is special. Restaurant features to build, will let the imitators only know it, but I do not know why, however, only to see the complexity of the restaurant creative activities, and can not know the essence behind the features. Imitation of my fur, its resistance to me!

competitive advantage


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