Business secret of a tea shop to remember

is a lot of people love tea drinks, with a high nutritional value, but the taste is very good, in everyone’s life, will be found around the tea shop are very profitable, looking at a small shop, the profit is considerable. So many entrepreneurs have sprouted the idea of opening a milk tea shop, in fact, operating a profitable milk tea shop, but also a secret. Today, we will introduce you to start a tea shop to do business secrets.

business highlights


name to attract customers. But now most of the young people love personalized thing, so Zhang to own tea shop has a very unique name: what is what, no tea shop. Milk tea unique, distinctive. Not only was special, tea is also the name of the name is special, many young blitz of TV drama, sports stars, etc..

business ideas

talk about selling milk tea shop a lot, but want to do well, but also pay attention to many places. Milk tea packaging has become a culture, is no longer a simple drink, but a fashion. The key point lies in, everyone was first attracted to the new varieties of tea, then gradually develop consumers agree with the taste of tea, it is the most authentic, look for the brand to buy.

milk tea gross profit at around 50%

content of 360 grams in a cup of pearl milk tea need 30 grams, 30 grams of cream ingredients, 20 grams pearl powder, the syrup, tea etc.. According to a quotation calculation, 13.8 yuan / kg, milk powder 12 yuan / kg, pearl 3.8 yuan / kg, per cup of pearl milk tea cost about 1 yuan, custom cups, sealing tape, etc. Straw cost about 0.4 yuan. In a cup of pearl milk tea 3 yuan calculation, the gross profit of tea in about 50%.

milk tea quality

a tea shop business has been flourishing, no matter what time, product quality and excellent service is the foundation of the new name and product name — the first buyers desire to buy, to move icing on the cake. The tea brewing process seems simple, in fact, to stabilize the taste of a variety of milk tea is not an easy thing. This requires investors to pay attention to improve their products and service quality.

such a small store in fact can also bring more benefits, in the time of marketing is also need to pay more attention to, for the operation of a number of secret tea shop, I believe we now understand. Today’s entrepreneurial market, there are a lot of projects, but we have to carey choose to find the most suitable for their own projects. Tea shop investment is less, more profits recommend

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