Gas station convenience store – what are the secret

shops from all walks of life will have experience can be summed up, for operators, naturally there will be a secret can grasp. I went to the gas station interview, found some convenience store sales hot, high turnover, and some convenience store business is light, all day long for the sale of non oil frown. So, what is the secret of the former business? After the investigation, I found that these gas station convenience store with more than words to carry out non oil business, which may be the secret of their business!

ask one more question. "Master, do you need water in your trunk?" "Sister, you of what we suggest shopping environment and commodity display?" "Sir, you need this kind of cigarette we timely replenishment, and it with the price of cigarettes need?"…… Into the gas station, the eyes of the addition of the standard operation of refueling, but more to see, hear these warm and polite inquiry. Ask a word, for gas station convenience store to win a seemingly unrelated but fleeting business opportunities.

stay one minute. In order to let customers in the convenience store to stay for a while, gas station customers to seize the pursuit of new, ingenious and interesting shopping psychology, some competitive commodity put on the parity area; the tea table, the magazine moved into the gas station convenience stores for customers to rest, browse; according to seasonal changes and promotional needs, adjust the shelf and the display of goods, increase fresh; the toilet, the checkout counter set billing at the convenience store inside, prolong the sojourn time in the shop.

fuck a snack. Gas station not only inward eye, but also to focus on the surrounding popular large supermarket. Selling goods, where small food and beverage supply "become a barometer of their distribution". What is hot on the market, gas station convenience store on what to buy, what customers need, they will buy what, temporarily out of stock, on the record, at any time to add.

laugh closer distance. One day, a truck driver morosely went into the operating room this convenience store staff to see the driver depressed, holding a cup of tea with a smile to him: "you have a drink of water, a driving way must be tired!" The driver heard cordial greetings, sitting on the gas station convenience store in the lounge chair, the way out of the traffic police fined the trouble. While comfort, while introducing convenience store goods. In her talk, driver brow stretch, also bought two cartons of cigarettes.

look more accurate incision. Whenever a customer stops, the staff will be carey observed, according to the customer’s accent, expression, dress, targeted marketing. After a truck was finished, the driver took a shabby towel and half a bar of soap to the bathroom. This scene was seen by the staff, he hinted to the gas station convenience store a new batch of towels, soap and other daily goods, good quality, the price is not high". When the driver bought towels and soap, he heard his Shandong accent

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