The retail business should beware of strangers near the cashier

a lot of shops are only after the end of the day began to settle accounts, under normal circumstances, the day’s earnings will be placed in the cashier, if there is a stranger into, it is likely to happen theft. So, if it is to operate retail business, we must pay attention not to let strangers near the cashier.

my shop in the four fork. A lot of people coming and going, the shop where alcohol and tobacco milk what to make money selling. I am a soft hearted person, passing the cat and dog I call to give a little to eat. Can’t see the homeless people, disabled people. Every time I see they were very polite to the store, a cost price does not make money, others do not easily. I didn’t think I was cheated by the disabled.

just had lunch that day, and there was no one in the shop. I’m lying on the counter glass. Stumbled felt someone come in, looked up to wake up. Two men had come into the counter, and the two men were near the door.

I quickly stop, let two people go to the counter outside. The two men didn’t seem to hear me making gestures. It turned out to be dumb! I’m on the alert heart just down. Two outside pointing to the milk she wrestled a gesture to greet me out to see. I think what happened today, met four dumb.

come out to see, the original fear of yogurt shelf life. He wrote and talked to me on the counter glass with his fingers. I can not see clearly, the dumb man, go out the door to find a twig to write down to me. Do a good job at the door two dumb milk business I go back counter. Just at the counter near the two dumb I do not know when to go, the cashier desk drawer open four open in the morning to do more than $two thousand business was missing!

author comments, this is a very obvious case of a heart to relax vigilance, and many crooks will use the customer’s psychology. The sister Lee thought is dumb customers on guard, scammers use Gang modus operandi, outside the plan by the owner shouted dumb to the counter, and by writing exchanges on behalf of squat body shielding inside the counter gang crime. Sister, the heart of the people can not be. Liar face did not write, dumb can not commit a crime? There is also a little retail boss to pay attention to the cashier must be installed lock, can not let strangers near the cashier.

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