s to open a new store or shop disk

shop now has become a lot of people in the entrepreneurial market will choose a form, however, the shop is to choose to open a new store or disk shop, which has plagued many people. In fact, many entrepreneurs want to open a new store or shop is hesitant, in fact, as long as the intention to operate, whether it is to open a new store, the old shop, are able to make some achievements.

to open new stores, according to their own funds to purchase the number of master, at the same time, can also according to their sales and store goods, variety and quantity at any time, decided to purchase dry middle school, in the dry, can gradually from small to large, bigger and stronger, the advantage is the small boat U-turn, the disadvantage is new, need to gradually accumulate publicity popular.

shop, general store has its own fixed back, take over can open for business, which is a plus, has advantages and disadvantages, the disadvantage is a one-time investment is relatively large, took over the old at the same time, it will take over each other a lot of unsalable goods, give yourself unnecessary funds the backlog.

these stickers will eventually for shelf life and other reasons difficult to sell, to become their own burden, that is to say to the old owner of unsalable goods to pay, if you want to store disk, we must understand clearly why the other hand, poor management, and customer relationship or not, these factors will affect their own hands after no business.

in fact, this is not a word can be briefly introduced clearly, after all, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It seems that the opening of new stores and the old shop, each has its own advantages, and ultimately need to use their own efforts to do a good job, so please be ready to set up shop according to their own strength to make the best choice.

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