Tianjin city children dropping dead parents has yet to claim a

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developed, whether it is true or not true information began to spread rapidly, many parties have brought trouble. For the families of the deceased to claim 1 million 800 thousand shopping malls and other rumors, Tianjin city children dropping dead event deceased lawyer said in a statement, the family of the deceased and the agent has not been any communication with rehabilitation, compensation, compensation, the spread many results are based on the version of the compensation.


family of the deceased lawyer said, in February 27, 2017 two children in Tianjin City unexpected shame fold, grief misery, family accident aroused public concern and regret. After grief reflection causes and avoid the tragedy from happening again is particularly important, but with extreme irresponsible remarks on the families and the majority of people love heart cause two damage. Here, as the families of the fiduciary agent concerned from all walks of life would like to make the following statements:


, restore rational grief shame parents still trapped in the bereaved, difficult to recall statement. Currently circulated on the Internet a lot of contradictory things after the version are eyewitness reports, the actual facts to be restored after the parties concerned with the relevant departments to sort out the summary.

two, according to the cause of the tragedy and the delineation of responsibility to be related to the parties in conjunction with relevant units to make sure, before the majority of the media and the "professional" should not easily make any irresponsible speculation will be the conclusion, but not to believe that the spread feudal superstition and witchcraft Feng Shui speech.

three, the tragedy is unable to bear the grief of life for the family, the family and the agent has not been any communication with rehabilitation, compensation, compensation, compensation for the spread many versions are groundless rumor.

four, the of public opinion and some of the rumors and rumors, hope the community to take care of human nature, vigilance violence. Rational thinking, emotional sympathy for the unfortunate to avoid causing two injuries, and even lead to more serious tragedy.

this is a tragedy, a family of two children were killed, this is a tragic event for parents. No matter what kind of responsibility should be borne by the parents in this tragedy, the market should bear much responsibility, for the current parents are no energy to think. More importantly, a lot of friends who should stand in the perspective of parents to consider, should not spread false news.

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