Dragon xiadou city stop guess lantern riddles Ode to joy – Xining City, 2012 Spring Festival lantern

1 30 July February 1st (the 8th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar to tenth), Xining city in 2012 lantern riddles activities at the center of the square, I Taiwan traffic frequency for three consecutive days of lantern riddles activity live, radio is one of the specific actions consciously practice the reform and development of the cultural spirit of the general assembly, for the mass culture I lived to add luster to the city effect of moving from.

in order to build a better city during the Spring Festival festival atmosphere, according to city group to develop "CHC my Spring Festival with joy I call the shots, a series of activities for years" as the theme of the Xining station and the City Art Museum for many times to communicate, formulate detailed plan, elaborate the lantern riddles broadcast special programs: "dragon xiadou Ode to joy, the ancient city of" don’t stop guessing lantern riddles.

to enhance the enthusiasm of public participation in the lantern riddles, I advance the production of Taiwan traffic frequency advertisement publicity of the rolling all day long, especially the success of the show live has a good bedding. A special program for a period of three days, divided into two parts, one is involved in the lantern riddles on the public square in the center of the live broadcast live, two is in the frequency of traffic at peak listening (12:00 – 13:00), the hotline participation way is not to participate in the activities of the central square of public participation opportunities for guessing lantern riddles and through special programs so that more people feel a deep sense of taste. The radio quiz broadcast special programs of lantern riddles, which originally has a long history of mass cultural activities full of splendor, showing the enthusiasm of the masses, in the number of features and wide influence, won wide acclaim from the public.

Special program production work

lantern riddles activity, not only to create a good atmosphere of the festival, but also for our future work program production and mass cultural activities are further combined with the accumulated valuable experience.



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