Gathering the first resource to build the talent highland

talent is the first resource for development, and high-level talents play a key role in the scientific and technological innovation, economic development and social progress of a region.

into Xining in twenty-first Century, in order to seize the opportunity to accelerate development, improve the overall competitiveness, it is necessary to obtain support for high-level talent. However, as the development of underdeveloped western city of Xining, the reality is that the economic strength, the level of scientific research, talent base is relatively weak, to large-scale, full range to promote the construction of high-level personnel has great difficulty. "Talent Heights", is the municipal government from reality, concentrate all forces, the use of special policies and measures, carefully crafted to attract, aggregation and cultivation of high level talents, effective talent to play the role of the sar". "Small highland" construction will become a powerful engine to guide and promote the development of the city’s talent".

Zhuchaoyinfeng build talent Heights

this is a relative talent gathering, in the study of vegetables in Xining city only 24 employees, senior technical staff and graduate students accounted for 12; this is a team in the full vigour of life under the age of 35, researchers have 10 people; here is a desperate place, the urgent need to introduce domestic overseas academic leaders, led the young people together to create a better tomorrow!

talent effect: at present, enjoy special government allowance of the State Council Zhang Lugang is the Xining Vegetable Research Institute technical backing, China Nongda Department of horticulture and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of vegetables and flowers on the scientific and technical personnel are not regular professional training and guidance. To improve the overall quality of talent, activate a pond of Vegetable Science "". In recent years, Xining Vegetable Research Institute of independent innovation ability, service "three rural" ability significantly enhanced, in the regional test, project implementation, experimental demonstration has achieved remarkable results. The Institute participated in the construction of "Xining vegetable intensive seedling base" and other national, provincial and municipal projects 10. The introduction of large-scale production of 11 varieties of vegetables, with a total area of 210 thousand acres. Through the research of vegetable plug seedling and related technology, the production target of three crops in one year in Xining area was achieved.

small high vision: now Xining vegetable research institute actively build nest cited feng". In infrastructure, the biological experiment center, the modernization of vegetable germplasm resource base, test base, transformation service base; in the business environment, the special emphasis on personnel training, establish incentive mechanism, arrange special funds for scientific research in support of scientific research personnel to carry out the work of innovation, at the same time to undertake the project, create a burden the stage for young people.

talent into enterprise development the first productivity

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