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Wu Xinhong said that she was a "Mensao pseudo geek", love racing, is the first BMW I8 owners, see the shlf1314 Glass will be thrilled, but not very good at speaking female colleagues in the company. But the painting expert who has received the qualifications of the Tsinghua Academy of fine arts at least understands the beauty of women.

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seems to be always good at grasping the most common subtle needs – perhaps less advanced, but accurate.

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is a short video community launched by Mito in May last year. Sooner than it appears to have been abandoned as the Tencent, the United States took the unexpected burst of red, within 9 months, the number of users exceeded 100 million. To achieve the same score, micro credit for 14 months.

this less than 500 before the company has two level products – Meitu Xiu Xiu and the phenomenon of beauty camera, the number of users they have billions of dollars. In fact, Mito’s products have a total of 800 million mobile end users, 510 million mobile terminal devices and 180 million monthly active users. This figure is second only to sh419, Tencent and Alibaba in china.

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mill fame comes from his judgment on the makeup trend: "we all love whitening well, then the photo also should be repaired."

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Mito CEO Wu Xinhong said, "2014," the most regret thing is in the United States "shot" on guard". Although 9 months, the speed of 100 million users is really not slow, but Wu Xinhong means, for a long time, the picture is still used as a tool in the idea of doing beautiful shot, which is his customary success model.

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product team will be very careful to make sure that the judgment keeps up with the times. For example, Wu Xinhong noticed the people over PS Tucao, he also found many people open >

Skin, a key beauty effect of Meitu Xiu Xiu’s

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"authentic good herbal tea, authentic sound, welcome to watch by JDB title."……" This is Tian Qin in the United States to shoot the hottest video, she was in Washington internship took 10 seconds to shoot. She took 9 seconds to imitate China’s classic lines, made a sick look at the last second, won the praise of the 11 thousand. After that, beauty replaced the circle of friends and became her most popular social application.

Wu Xinhong painted the original Demo, with only 1 buttons, 4 filters, and no shared pages. "The original idea, since you’ve finished taking pictures and like to make it look good, you should have the same idea after you shoot the video." Mito recalls Chen Jie, vice president of products.

‘s current graphics are no longer satisfied with the creation of a must-have product. For example, it entered the field of hardware, launched the flagship high-definition front camera Mito mobile phone, and the real changes in the pattern of the United States or the United States – the potential of a social platform is much larger than the image processing tools.

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