Love Shanghai changes in the algorithm, find the invariant is the key

the same thing?

(Shanghai 2012-2013 love of low quality page update algorithm)

two, outside the chain of high quality

now love Shanghai each of the basic algorithm, can be found in the content of a page, content is the fundamental information on the Internet, hoping to get the love of Shanghai is the high quality content, and the quality of resources available on the Internet to the user, so your site must be able to provide relevant content quality. As to how to build high quality content, here is not to say, only need to pay attention to quality content is not the original, the original is not own behind closed doors, pseudo original is not necessarily better than the original quality. Remember what we want is a high quality, as for what is good, you see



the Internet every day new website, there are a lot of cheating sites for search engines. More web site. The Internet also becomes more garbage, quality content is less, the search engine results page will inevitably be a lot of junk page. For the love of Shanghai, to show the user a better site, let the original content, to provide quality services to the page to get more opportunities is the dominant search engine should do. Really love Shanghai to maintain Internet Ecosystem does not idle, from the beginning of 2012 the search engine algorithm has fast update.

user experience


can be seen from the chart during love Shanghai update algorithm is indeed very frequent, which for most of it is not what is good, every day the update Shanghai love always on tenterhooks. Shanghai love a little action quickly from A to Z your website to check again, there are a lot of people have even begun to timidity, love around Shanghai, always with love in the back of Shanghai is very tired. Love is indeed the Shanghai algorithm has been changed, but we can often find some of the same thing, the same thing definitely is the core of things, the most effect to love things that the Shanghai algorithm, can determine the site in Shanghai ranking is the core of these things. Here you see what

, a high quality contentUpdate

for the chain of love is always in Shanghai against Shanghai, with love from the search engine chain recommended to the user that the excessive, the effect of the chain on the wane, but only in the weakened. Love in Shanghai against low quality chain, hard in combat, why? Because the chain will affect its ranking, and the effect of composition is very high, so in order to correct these effects as possible, love is needed for Shanghai against the low quality of the chain, the real right recommended screening of high quality the chain, so high quality of the chain is to love Shanghai, is the site needs.

regardless of quality content or high quality outside the chain, love Shanghai’s purpose is to give the user a better experience to the user, better and more accurate information, users receive the praise. So the website must also ensure a good user experience, in addition to quality >

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