Knowledge of the Shanghai dragon dead link

since the dead link is caused by improper webmaster management, so webmaster will require good management of the site. For the webmaster, the first thing to do is to regularly check the site, with some useful links, check whether the site has the largest chain chain, check the tools I usually use is xenu. If you find the site are dead links, you need the fastest time to delete dead links or repair dead links, ensure smooth website. Of course, a common method of making 404 page links but also to deal with death. >

second, website

is the so-called dead link, invalid link, use this link we can not find the content of the website to find the. For example, when browsing the web, see "" cannot be found, is a dead link. A word: dead link is the original can normally access links, for some reason, is unable to access, failure of the link, if a site appears a lot of dead link will affect the user experience, if you go to the Taobao store to buy things, you want to buy the goods are unable to access the page usually, the circumstances of our first report is the page off, for Taobao mall is the loss of customers. The search engine spiders is also the same reason, if the first search spider to grab the page, the page is not open, the second grab the page is not open, even if the page can be opened, so that a search engine will think this page is invalid, the next there may not come for us to optimize the retrieval, it is very unfavorable.

, the first link to die.

for dead links, Shanghai dragon Er note that the site appears dead links may be the main reason lies in our own on the site of the unreasonable or serious consequences due to the improper management of our website to produce. Which links have the following reasons: 1. the dynamic link is no longer supported in the database under the condition of a dead link; 2. web content updates, link changes, resulting in the link into a dead link; the server setup error 3. website can also cause a dead link; 4. if a web page has changed, then the original point it will also link into a dead link. The above four are important causes of death in the analysis of Web site links, must start from these four aspects.

third, met the dead link, what should we do?

The reason analysis of


dead link

in the operation optimization of entire station project, we need to use the tools of dead link dead link check on the website. Of course, we need to check in before death, a good grasp and understanding of the related problem of dead links. What are the hazards of dead links on the site? How do we deal with dead link problems? This knowledge is the main content of this paper.

The definition and effect of

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