Rapid determination of the intensity of competition on several small keywords

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keyword selection is an important link in our optimization, a correct keywords can make our optimization detours. I think that many webmasters are the same with the author to see the love in the life or work some good keywords will naturally see the keywords in the search engine on the intensity of competition and value. We always love those who search a large quantity of small but competitive keywords. If a keyword has a lot of PPC advertising or the emergence of a large number of optimized sites on the home page, so there is no doubt that this is a popular and valuable keywords. But this kind of words in general competition intensity is large, then we can determine the key areas where the intensity of

Methods through the search engines

three: analysis of key words in SERP ranking front pages of the site

above I said there are a lot of uncertainty, and can not accurately judge the competitive strength of a keyword. So, we can not through the love of Shanghai PPC? I think this is a very good judge keywords competition intensity method. This is not difficult to explain, if a keyword by many websites rushing to do PPC, you can say it is the commercial value of the keywords. Because a business will always be very careful in reckoning, in a bid before there after a lot of research. I think this is a relatively more accurate judgment of the keywords competition intensity.


two: the relevant keywords in Shanghai love PPC judge

for the organic search after a large number of search results and large numbers of Adwords, we can also analyze the site ranking pages. In addition to the auction advertisement, if ranked in the pages of the search results are, some mainstream website, the site of the industry or related products > page love Shanghai


determine the intensity of competition, is an important problem we need to consider the choice of keywords. In the choice of words, I think many webmaster can now look at search with the author as the search engine, look at the number of search results, if the number of words, the competition intensity of this keyword is very high, on the contrary, if the quantity is less then the competitive strength is low. This method is very simple, and the final results are more intuitive. Many people are first optimized by this method to determine the strength. Of course, this result has the certain error, only as a reference value, because the search engine is not only to show the title containing the keyword results, but also shows the existence of content or keywords in the page, and can not accurately show the intensity of competition, and the search results are only relative numbers that does not have a standard account.

: a number of related page keywords after the decision of

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