Shanghai dragon is a practice course in life most of the mind

as a Shanghai dragon Er, we must adapt to the era of Internet updates and changes. The majority of the Shanghai dragon Er, perhaps, you work daily, is nothing more than the mechanization of the soft paper to write, update the article, look for a different platform to release the chain. Tedious tasks, may in the course of time will get you nowhere, the whole people are changing. You may find you less talkative, you may find a day like a machine to complete the task, will be at a loss, there will be no direction for the future. Especially as check the daily website when your website rankings have to drop or floating forward?? the ranking index always back and forth affect your day. A big update every search engine, you have to change to accommodate the most calm and fast update. Fortunately, the search engine is humanization, always adhere to the white hat Shanghai dragon love Shanghai is seen.

as a Shanghai dragon Er, believe like a small series of Shanghai dragon Er see this text have resonated deep feelings.


small in "live is life" to see such a sentence: life is a spiritual practice, practice is the cultivation of the mind; life can always be spiritual enlightenment, life everywhere. Practice is a road, a road to human heart the most distant road. Not feeling by the light of its own, Shanghai dragon is not such a meditation

day will fall so big people, must suffer the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, hunger, brushed it for. Hope this article can come with all the Shanghai dragon Er ", !

written in the last:

as a Shanghai dragon Er, had to admit that, compared with other industries, Shanghai dragon really is an extremely boring and hone patience industry. My company has a sentence: "growth, work, money is the purpose of our work, want to can get to know more, enjoy work, enjoy the pain, enjoy the environment." Shanghai dragon Er is more tired mind is far greater than the body tired, so the Internet tide waves still insist on friends, we really took Shanghai as dragon heart repair course of our life.


as a Shanghai dragon, soft writing is an important step in essential. We must grasp the latest industry information timely. Continuous learning is our essential lessons. Writing soft combining practical experience and the latest industry information sharing, so the continuous learning process as well as general practice.

live is a practice, Shanghai dragon is also a practice lesson, practice of people’s mind, people’s patience, careful and confidence. The human heart is the most deep distant road. Friends, enjoy the long process of Shanghai dragon. Others can not stand the pain, dryotherscan not live. Will be a person.

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