The operation method of enterprise website promotion should be respected

content of the original false original add some relevant content collected properly, these estimates are the webmaster friends do not want to see it, but it does good to the search engine. Outside chain is related to the forums, classified sites, submitted to the soft chain construction, with the ordinary website optimization is.

enterprise web content relative to other website content is less and less, the optimization for the enterprise website, many people have mentioned, but just from the search engine of what to do in the station optimization, make the quality of the chain, so that the site keywords ranking. These are only for search engine optimization, not from the industry point of view, to grasp the characteristics of the user group. Here I come to share themselves on a corporate website promotion optimization method.

More than 2, the content of We all know that

, 2 times, the establishment of enterprise micro-blog, WeChat platform

, a search engine optimization for

many people will relate to this, the search engine optimization for site optimization of all. This optimization, I believe we all know, here the author briefly say a few points.

Nofollow shunt prevent weight argument is not love Shanghai officially, we only know love Shanghai love Shanghai, love Shanghai know Wikipedia and other related products to link with nofollow, so we would like to believe that it has prevented the diversion effect, so keep the navigation above about us, contact us useless the search engine navigation to nofollow off or robots.

two, social promotion

There are The

as long as the love of Shanghai search, I believe many many articles have mentioned that optimizing website content, whether it is corporate website or other websites. Let’s look at the author think promotion optimization method is more conducive to the development of enterprise website.

sites in the enterprise is mainly made of a brand, leaving some information, so that people understand the enterprise personnel related enterprises. The extension of the forum is to gather popularity, enhance corporate visibility. For example, steel structure of the professional knowledge, the website is not easy and it can not fully show this content, then establish a forum can better solve this problem. Of course, the main business forum is provided to the user communication platform, and the enterprise site is only to show some enterprise information (in the forum can be the best publicity, the official QQ group, micro-blog, WeChat in order to effectively gather popularity).

1, the navigation section using nofollow, or use the robots banned grab

1, web based forum, the expansion of

+ Chain Construction

is loved by the moment in micro-blog, WeChat, how to operate this.

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