Pure text outside the chain effect analysis whether useful or useless

in comparison to the traditional Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, we all think that only the anchor text chain can let the spider grab and give weight, so also created many owners are not willing to do those pure text outside the chain, and that this chain is useless for our website optimization work. But in the small stand in these years of practice found that is not the case, pure text outside the chain not only can make the spider, and the role is also not inferior to the anchor text of the chain, the main point is pure text outside the chain do a lot better than the anchor text is convenient.

In fact,

(a) can increase the weight of the website.

confirmed, Xiaobian say nonsense, here specifically about the pure text of the chain.

the following small first put on a map, that text can be spiders crawl, the figure from netizens in Shanghai love webmaster forum asked pure text outside the chain will be crawling, and I also give the answer that can grab.

(two) can improve the keywords ranking.

in the above we see love Shanghai webmaster forum moderator said text outside the chain can be spiders crawl, then it is confirmed that the spider can enter our website through this link, as long as the spider has entered, will have a certain weight into the well, so that we can increase the absolute weight site. And if we often observe some websites, you will find a lot of cattle, their outer chain also is not to say that the anchor text of the chain a lot, most are in fact pure text oh.


when our website pure text outside the chain after years of accumulation, in the absolute number above is very large, so the effect will be more obvious, naturally bring great effect to optimize the work site, so in this case, small series can be said that the optimization effect of these pure text of the chain is relatively stable not because of love, after Shanghai update the chain number, and lead us to the site the weights in an unstable state, of course, the mass of the chain except. Just like the www.qqya.cc website every day now is the chain of some plain text, occasionally through some blogs to do some of the anchor text chain to optimize the long tail keywords, but still in charge of the pure text outside chain Oh, now do more than a month, has 2 weights, >

can improve the site keywords ranking is nonsense, because these text chain spiders can crawl to the weight weight, how can the site ranking does not ascend? Haha, so it is recommended that you do some keyword text outside the chain to enhance the site’s core here as for those, we do the long tail keywords in anchor text form better effect of some oh.

(three) text outside the chain to better stable ranking.

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