Grassroots fail the causes of the failure of several blog sprocket strategy

First of all thank The weight ratio of

A5 webmaster network became the first submission, "grassroots Internet challenges fail: the success or failure" to release mentality, if you want to have some fun can look at my failures.

well, because I am small grassroots have before are in random in the BBS and blog the chain, up some experience began to study how to keep a good blog, for the website with a good entrance. Do not say good, also do not know how high, I take the new station as an example, when the station on the A server, a reason has just been included 10 a few, including the home page. Move on to the B server, with Bo group took less than a month, included 90, good article for one or two hours, a little article does not receive or every one or two days.

analysis: without the use of tools, on time update is very tangled. If the letter at the same time, even also will find the tools.

early in order to build quality a blog, search a lot of blog article group established. Search out most of the content is 2011-09 work, quite old.

on the blog update frequency, search out the article the author mostly said fixed updated daily an article, or two or three days to update the one or two articles and so on, and can not be said to my heart, also do not conform to the actual situation.


recommendation: update grassroots simply can not afford 84 blogs, even if the 30 is quite difficult, the use of tools under very high probability of being sealed, means more than 84, ready to substitute to several. Saying so, but I still prefer a Bo group, although the independent blog form quality requires a lot of thoughts, but we can build one, start from the first layer, the final completion of Bo group chain.

analysis: two can do fine blog certainly good, but the pains than above do not know a few times, separate blog easily, by chance platform letter is very small, content and interaction is the key.

two: one is to summarize the blog station group, with 84 blogs is divided into 3 layers or 30 sprockets even with 2 layers of interconnection then to host the blog. The two is to do a few separate boutique blog directly to the master station.

suggested that since the choice of step by step, Sina as an example, when they are idle manual update, not very frequent on the line.

analysis: a multiple blog group to transfer the weight more slowly, but the probability of being Baidu know is very low, relatively safe, long run than a single blog advantage and distance will be more and more. But because the number of blog too much, even if not let Baidu know that blogging platform is also very easily be know, is one of the drawbacks.

chain in the search engine already accounted for more and more low, some people say less than 3%, some people say that almost equal to 0%, what do the chain? God knows, anyway, many people still do.

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