Only two weeks to recover on their own website noble baby punishment

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punishment?The In this paper,



March 8th women’s day baby with 37 million 700 thousand pounds to buy the British aristocracy parity website BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝, and search quality department within second days of the nobility baby BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝 have been found illegal behavior to upgrade their noble baby search rankings, so soon be demoted to the N page, then there are a lot of people of noble baby loyalty clapping and cheering.

but just over two weeks later, the noble baby to BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝 punishment is over, now it has appeared in the first search BeatThatQuote. This…… This is what punishment? Only two weeks of punishment enough? To know the original Japanese station was full but noble baby punishment for 11 months, two weeks of punishment is basically just a "show" two words can be directly equated it? You let this noble baby headquarters in Japan too much to handle ah

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: show the title just two weeks to recover the noble baby on their own BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝



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