What are the bottlenecks facing the controversial second-hand car electricity supplier in the future

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recently, with the news received by some space providers, last week that the system will begin to be implemented immediately, and at the same time, the Internet has come out of the station to take pictures of the test template. If the formal implementation of the system, so as a webmaster, it will surely make the record because of the high cost of making a small website have been eliminated, at the same time, such as new network, 10 thousand nets, around the room and other related industries will also face severe atrophy. China’s grassroots Internet industry can basically say goodbye. Then our grassroots webmaster should go from here?.

if required in accordance with the system, believe most Adsense may unable to bear such a high price and give up the station; for our webmaster, is too sad for this, and give up, our webmaster Xinyou and inadequate ah, after all, the price is too high, if required in accordance with the system, the severity of I suggest, grassroots webmaster grasp things to face reality. Can’t afford to take the price, or find a way out of the good everyone please don’t spit my slobber oh. After all, the road is blocked and the so-called Biluma, why want to die in this way? Passepartout Rome line can make money.

not long ago, a certain media is excellent letter of second-hand car to court and claims ten million of the news caused a great sensation in the industry, and the core of the incident, lies in the self media questioned the existence of excellent letter data, and believes that the excellent letter from the media in the dissemination of malicious fabricated facts, therefore filed the lawsuit. In fact, this incident is only the tip of the tip of the second-hand car electricity supplier, it is reflected in the face of bottlenecks in the industry, competition is gradually deteriorating. Then, what are the bottlenecks facing the used car


according to the notification requirements, the person responsible for the site I need to carry the original documents and materials required for verification of access to the service unit for the record site for verification procedures. The access service unit shall collect and retain the head of the website responsible for the color front bareheaded photo on the record site. The record center shall uniformly produce and provide a screen with the logo as the background of the photograph, and the photo shall show the time and background mark of the photo.

now many second-hand car business platform to take online and offline synchronous operation of the way, this way of operation greatly enhance the operating costs, but also led to second-hand car business platform is difficult to achieve large-scale profits. As we all know, the traditional second-hand car industry because of the widespread use of second-hand car dealers, resulting in the interests of buyers and sellers can not reach the maximum. Therefore, some platforms play the "straight sell no difference" banner to attract consumers, but as companies become bigger and bigger, operating costs are getting higher and higher, and how to establish a mature and stable business model is a huge problem. In my view, the second-hand car electricity supplier and the traditional second-hand car dealer has no essential difference, if does not make money from both sides of the seller and buyer, >

first is the problem of asymmetric information, and to identify a secondhand car if there is a problem, need certain knowledge and technical reserves, as consumers, most can only rely on the platform to identify it, there may be problems. In fact, in recent years, the media reported about the second-hand car electricity supplier scandal more and more, most of the accident car, car adjustment table related. From these scandals, the industry is not standardized, supervision is not in place, buyers and sellers as well as platform side information asymmetry, opaque problem is very serious. If the second-hand car electricity supplier can not fundamentally solve this problem, the future development is bound to be affected.

so, according to the current Internet policy factors, personal webmaster think it is necessary to go out. Not only in the webmaster of the ranks. If required in accordance with the system. For we grassroots webmaster, we grassroots webmaster is sad. Even if you have much but can not change, because we are a small webmaster that is a big country and collective, we fight him, like the death of an ant.

two, after-sales service is not in place, encountered problems, consumer complaints no door

in recent years, with the rapid development of second-hand car business, the competition becomes increasingly intense, however, for the second-hand car electricity supplier in the future development prospects of the industry is not optimistic about the same, especially in recent years, due to the data the authenticity of many disputes, which led directly to the controversial second-hand car business.


As everyone knows

one, information asymmetry, consumers buy the problem car situation occurs from time to time,


on 2010, our webmaster grassroots is double way. For we grassroots along the road is more difficult and blocked. 09 years from the notification issued by the Ministry of industry and strengthen the verification of the site for the record, caused the attention of the media and the industry, exactly is most concerned about the IDC and the webmaster who. To be exact, it has to do with their jobs and hobbies. For our grassroots Adsense is a heavy blow.

then consumers to buy the vehicle, usually find the platform side to be addressed, but from the very media reports on this problem really, the consumer is likely to suffer "cold treatment", even as the ball is kicked in the upper and lower levels of. This means that the second-hand car business in the customer service service, there are still not in place, if you can not solve the problem of customer service service, consumers will inevitably have "menace from the rear and this will influence", to carry out second-hand car business.

three, relatively high operating costs, business models are not clear enough,

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