Practice how to treat the marketing keywords ranking

keyword ranking for a corporate web is the main aspect to get traffic, the keywords ranking should be how to do I believe that everyone has their own knowledge and experience, which generally includes several, a black hat Shanghai dragon, the Shanghai dragon will use some tools such as: mass information software. The blog group software, email or fax, also found in the search engine’s vulnerability and cheating, using non normal means of black chain added, although these methods can be obtained within a short time ranking, but with the continuous improvement of search engine, this is a dead end. Another is the white hat Shanghai dragon, according to the rules and characteristics of the known search engine optimization, website structure and content, follow the principle of optimization to search engine as the center to optimize the keywords ranking, the ranking from a certain extent is relatively stable.

said that I just want to say, keywords ranking and marketing is not contradictory, is a complementary parasitic relationship, only good keywords ranking to improve marketing efficiency, and good marketing benefits can get the trust, improve the corresponding weights, from a certain level will promote action to the keywords ranking promotion play. As Shanghai dragon ER we have to do is marketing, keyword ranking make us obtain marketing success means the ties we need not only the exploration and utilization of these autoclaved lime sand brick equipment (www.hnzdjixie贵族宝贝) view, also need to.

keyword ranking and the conversion rate of

The first step of

keywords good ranking marketing, do it out, so that customers can see your company and product information to the fastest speed, but how to make these customers become the actual flow of our customers, as we bring economic benefits, this is the problem of flow, improve the conversion rate of the website click, first of all to ensure that their products are the products that customers need, and can meet the demand, which is directly related to the composition of the structure and content of the website, the website structure simple and fast can help customers find the products they need in the shortest possible time, rich professional website content persuasive the content of the customer, to improve the conversion rate.


keywords ranking


as a Shanghai dragon worker, itself we do is keyword ranking, but we as a marketing network, we need is benefit and profit, there is the inevitable connection between the two but has a difference, magic good keywords ranking and rich web content enables us to attract customers.

How do

has enjoyed such an article, the article is a foreign website do not focus too much on the keywords ranking optimization, is more authoritative and professional needs of website content, enhance customer conversion, grasp every customer, expand customer base, and has a good marketing model.

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