Zhu Wenle the impact of the emergence of Web site keywords Shanghai dragon URL

Now we look at the

English Shanghai dragon written "teach you use love Shanghai encyclopedia first" three step by a lot of friends seckill, love, also have my QQ and I discussed with many friends, I have done a lot of experiments, some results have been achieved, some still in the test phase. Today English Shanghai Longfeng share a little in the process of experiment and we found, the effect of key words on the site that is Shanghai dragon appeared in URL, I hope to do the Shanghai dragon friends can help.

group contrast experiment shows that the keywords in different search engine in web page in URL, Shanghai dragon performance is not the same, should according to their own needs to set a reasonable URL. Love Shanghai last year increased BOLD keywords in URL, which is also copied from Google, but love Shanghai only copied form, but not the increase in weight. According to English Shanghai Longfeng that is love Shanghai Algorithm Engineer neglected the factors, the future is likely to add to the sorting algorithm, because in the long run, URL appears to "keyword ranking points, more conducive to the search experience.

the Shanghai dragon blog original article, please indicate: 贵族宝贝lenry.cn

in Google search engine, when your search keywords contained in URL, in the part of Web site keywords bold tips, easy to see, after the experiment proved that English Shanghai dragon, Google keywords ranking algorithm URL, to increase website ranking, is one of the factors in the ranking algorithm. But the weights are not low, here to give an example to prove:

keyword appears in URL, we separate the keyword search, not to love Shanghai in Web search. Visible in Shanghai love search algorithm, search algorithm of a factor is not in words. The word is very simple, even if no ranking, just love Shanghai keywords on the URL appear to do a simple bold, makes the URL look more eye-catching.


When the

English Shanghai Longfeng last explained, adding the keywords in Shanghai love Wikipedia entry in URL, and then observe the ranking of these web pages, and compared to love Shanghai and Google.

web page in Google’s performance:


page in love in Shanghai:


Using the method of


First we look at the


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