Hong Feida on Shanghai dragon opportunistic undesirable

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blog, BBS signature

four, micro-blog ranked by fast

I do not deny that now do this method for search engines still have the effect, but the search engine has been for such spam links down the right treatment before, many webmaster friends every day in the way of the chain is only a collection of a large number of signatures of the forum, then crazy top post, resulting in a large number of the chain.

, a group of


this is a new method recently, I think many webmaster friends have heard, I can’t deny that this method can also be used now, but I believe that it is difficult to search engine speech, search engine more clever than you. This method is mainly through the Sohu and micro-blog is not closed by the weight high, or keyword stuffing and other methods to achieve, and that many webmaster friends used to sell products, of course, is the choice of the long tail keywords not too hot, I also tried really can quickly realize the ranking. Even in a few hours, but I think it is absolutely not for a long time.


two, through the chain tool

above is my some of their opportunistic seen in the Shanghai dragon of the summary, I hope we can still be down-to-earth do Shanghai Longfeng, here I will not say more, by 贵族宝贝qudouchanpin.5d6d贵族宝贝 what products to the black good original, reproduced please specify the

do webmaster friends I believe will be the customary day in the online check your site information, and when the query produces a new page, and if the spider crawling just over when you will leave a chain, chain through this tool is in the tens of thousands of queries on the website the query data can leave a large number of the chain, this method has also helped many webmaster friends to achieve a rapid ranking, but eventually escape the punishment of the search engine, because the chain is too unstable.

Shanghai dragon already had one or two years of experience, but also optimize some words in the two years I often removed from the webmaster forum, also heard a lot of Shanghai dragon looks good experience, but there seems to be opportunistic behavior, individuals that do Shanghai dragon or do the chain and this content is king, any opportunistic approach will not last long, then I will talk about some have some shortcuts: with vigour and vitality of Shanghai dragon

I think the elder brother’s name should be no stranger to it, this is the station group technique using the typical, by weight transfer, to enhance the main keywords ranking techniques, methods and ideas that are very good, but this is the way that hurt the user experience, website content acquisition content wide of the mark. I think, we do not forget the Shanghai dragon search engine’s purpose: all to the user experience based.

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