The novice webmaster in website optimization psychology

may have been for a long time, so long that you have forgotten, how did you get through it.

you are updated every day, every day you are in optimization, you every day in the bitter forced post raise trumpet, every day you insist on the chain, every day you refresh your website ceaselessly, refresh Shanghai, Google love… Because of you because of your firm and indomitable, unremittingly, because of you stick to, because of your bitter spirit, you finally moved to love Shanghai, Google, your website start >

but we have magical love Shanghai, Google, universal A5 Adsense nets, so we headed in, crazy to learn what we need nutrients to enrich their own lack of optimization of all aspects of promotion in the site, to improve our understanding of web based, rather than a new face. The girl did not know where to ask. Through uninterrupted influence this period of time, each beginning novice webmaster something, also began to have a general understanding and planning for the future, know what work is to be done every day, what the new line will do six things, what website optimization five essential elements, what to teach you how to optimize keywords and so on, these we are a little, also began to try to use on your website, anyhow also is the Enlightenment from the website optimization. At this stage we call the ignorant.

believe that every beginning novice website have such experience, what all don’t understand, utterly ignorant of his heart, and his heart will stand on the line, very excited, but there are some hesitation, why? Because of their own for the structural layout, the whole section of the web site classification, site optimization, keyword the selection, optimization of the chain, the long tail word judgment, how to increase the amount collected, how to improve the site traffic and so on, are confused, like a bull rush into the fog, trying to find a cow just as confused, at a loss, after like a child do wrong to see the parents hand do not know where to put, and like a hound to a hedgehog, unable to eat. At this stage, we call the unknown period.


however, we still have a long way to go.

site traffic or no improvement, our keyword ranking is not very high, our website is still ranked millions away, we love Shanghai, PR or low weight of despair, but the key thing is that we have been the beginning of the crazy and happy mood, we started the whole website the optimization community have a general understanding, know that this is a what kind of job, really very tired and bitter boil. If we can certainly won’t do such a stupid thing. Then boil it, who let the head come in? Put so much energy, manpower, material and financial resources, there can be no backward, it is impossible to have the intention to quit, or how would say website are mad, not crazy spirit, you can’t go through this – we call waiting period.

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