Web site operators need to practice the three skills a lot of people are maintained in the first lay

I once saw a professional website operation of friends, very young, many of the Internet business, familiar with. Results more than half a year, there is no result. "The boss asked me to learn some of the enterprise business, what does this have to do with me!" the young operators complained. In fact, in this one, the young people do not too good, at least, most of the time and the real situation of enterprise exaggeration, big difference. This website operation thinking, and the reality, like the ancient General Zhao army including the loss of four hundred thousand, "empty talk and lack of combat experience,


enterprise website construction, means the beginning of the website operation. How to effectively carry out the website operation? Different talents to the different strategies, different industry operating experience is different, for example, on the Taobao website as an example, because there are a lot of mature experience, it is not too difficult, but the industry website is different, the network information is less, only do Shanghai dragon search engine optimization, path to the traffic is not too much, this time how to find the effective operation method of


The on-line


many web site operators are more or less so, dogmatism seriously. If the operation site requires practicing internal strength, this is the first layer. In fact, the first layer is the most easy, there are ready-made love Shanghai search engine, there are ready-made keywords, have resources available through the channel, and then get paid or links, gradually do website ranking. As long as you find the right way to do, sooner or later have website ranking.

for the website operators, mainly refers to the enterprise website operation, see two interesting articles, an article that enterprises do not attach importance to web site operators, the status quo is passive; the other is attention of enterprise website operation, the effect is not ideal. However, the final results are the same,


website ranking has become the only pursuit, the first step is to go wrong. We just find some brands, such as GREE, Haier, millet…… So, enter the relevant keywords in the search engine, the website is in the first row, and open the site, did not do what optimization, but they are easy to do first. But even if these brands do first, did not stop the practice, continuously through a variety of news channel non-stop news exposure…… So, do the first website operation keywords is important, however, to be the only goal, then, the website operators in the first layer of practice will never wander.

so, someone will ask, three layers of strength you said all including? Say simply, is that after the master network promotion means, understand the industry status and products, and then to clear the website operation to solve what problem, what is the number one objective? Finally, website operation strategy completely beyond the most.

website operation failed!

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