Some ideas about GG advertising, lecturesWant to do Wangzhuan earning million the six points must h

5. uses iframe to get high priced keywords to display

  reference: learn from the information on the donew: shlf1314 shlf1314 Shiva Seattle R & D center director said in an interview with sina today, shlf1314 Adsense through the system automatically determine invalid clicks, once found invalid clicks, the system will automatically reduce the net station advertising click price. This is undoubtedly
we use GG advertising owners a severe blow to
shlf1314 is is always smarter than you always a lot smarter than you

but       what is the current situation of

2. a person has only one account,

3. competitive advertising    

You know the word

from Wangzhuan, do not know what the specific time. Probably after the college entrance examination, in the day when the Internet boring, met this tempting words. The natural habit of "poison", open the front of the sh419 ranking of several sites of greet is day into the hundreds of million of brightly coloured advertising, let an adult child just smell the thick smell of money. It’s hard to control the temptation to make money online! What a great thing! Oh,

now on the Internet can search a lot of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial and. Many of them are tutorials on vip. But many people don’t value it after seeing it. That is free is not valuable, is not money Wangzhuan operation. It’s all about seeing movies, looking at the new ideas inside. Never practice, do not operate on their own side, the video of knowledge, methods are always others, and only their own practice, summary, absorption, into their own, is learning.

understanding of the high income of friends, have a wide network of contacts, all of the station out of the latest tutorial or Wangzhuan, they can be the first hand information, so they can address dynamic trend of a good grasp of the latest. They are good at making friends, share some of their experience, published in their own blog, or out of their own tutorials, videos, so as to publicize their own, improve their reputation, and accumulate more human resources. They have problems, very sincere, in their own network of contacts to consult professional staff, and quickly solve their problems. After all, the Internet is full of information, and everyone is not omnipotent. Good at leveraging, playing power, are their strengths.

second, good at making friends, good at sharing, good at consulting other.

4. modifies or modifies GG in a disguised way; displays    

about competitive advertising       GG will be very unhappy, see a lot of stations on top of sh419 theme promotion, GG below, only >

webmaster exchanges and mutual aid group number 17770150 – 20070824

after a few years, I tried to vote, coding, posting, mail click on the basic stage, also experienced to understand at the end of the crazy era of violence, to do its own drainage station to do SP, CPS, CPA and so on popular hot Wangzhuan project. Also read a lot of bidding tutorials, through the sale of virtual products Taobao, but also a small earned a sum. I have been envied by my friends, which has greatly satisfied my vanity. But time flies, a few years later, graduated from University, entered the society, there is no more free time for students to do the East and west. Several years of experience did not give me Wangzhuan, bring the change of real life, earn enough money for a basic living expenses, early flowering. But a few years down many friends, many have monthly income of 10000 yuan, and I see myself still working life, but in the long day.


first uses the Internet to find the resources he needs.

what makes a monthly income of 10000 yuan do Wangzhuan the expert? Why he is still a lack of wage earners? I started quietly thinking about such a problem, and asked a lot of friends in high income. Finally, they come to the six characteristics of their common.

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