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I’m a station owner myself. Hand an article, stand a movie station, do half a film, finally broke through the 0.5WIP mark, do the mother and GG. By GG, the unit price is too low, one day only the poor 10 came to the knife. In addition to electricity, Internet, rent, the last remaining server would have let myself eat a bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodle every day. Not to mention the money to buy gifts for their parents and brothers, to buy a house, to marry, all kinds of pressure on my life, I am tired. Although every night before 2 never slept, was teasing friends said the computer is closer than your dad, your computer is more important than everything! All day with your computer to do * * money where? But I still believe I do a webmaster can afford, afford my home. I have learned a lot from doing a website. Adsense not just do stand, since the flow can not, why not change ideas?. With this idea…

age should be between 40-60:

maybe you’re male, but unfortunately. Women’s surveys are significantly more than men, which is a survey of cosmetics and beauty items that you think women can do in addition to men and women. And the price of these surveys is also the highest, so even if you are male, you are also recommended to choose female sex.

when you participate in the investigation of the website, you are required to fill in your occupation. General technical types of talent income is relatively high, enterprises are more welcome, so we recommend the choice of technology types. Don’t choose advertising types because they don’t want their peers to do research. For example, department managers, business managers, etc., is more welcome.


is extraordinary, corresponding also led to the development of the Internet to make money, the possible mechanism in foreign countries already mature, but in China it is not mature, although also do Wangzhuan innumerable, but how many false? So that our country in this area is not mature

I believe we all know that there is no need to fill out the real information, so that their own, if you fill in 1000 yuan or less, as the investigation site most choose the purchasing power of the population, it will take you to filter out. Therefore, we recommend that in general, 5000-8000 is more popular with enterprises.


network development, the progress of the times, the network in people’s eyes, is not just the media bearing information. And people make money first, the network gave birth to one of the IT "expert", also contributed to the growth and development of this seemingly webmaster fashion industry, five years ago, perhaps you can because you are a webmaster and proud, five years later you might because he is a webmaster and helpless. Stationmaster, this road is no longer so good. The hao123 model has been very difficult to reach. Every day is site, statistics, traffic. Day and night the update, only let yourself feel gratified is to see the instant flow thousands of pride, union exploited, and how much do the webmaster to hand. IP GG every day tens of thousands of There are plenty of people who stand only 2-3 knife. But I like the webmaster of this industry, although a lot of loneliness and helplessness, but I yearn for the freedom of their own control of time, the webmaster in addition to do stand, we still have more ways to make money. The following to discuss with you.

city should be located in a large city:

note: when filling out a questionnaire, it should be in line with your registration information. If not, you may encounter the danger of title.

free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, we recommend the investigation to make money, the key is to make money, the price survey is relatively high. The current flaw is that the survey of relatively small projects, can not meet the aspirations of the vast number of users. So we recommend in more than one survey Wangzhuan at the same time, can be reused for each survey site, most of the survey wangzhuan. Here are some guidelines for registering information:

There are a lot of

has a lot of research websites that ask you to choose your city, and a lot of people choose where they actually are. In fact, this is not necessary, you can choose according to different circumstances. Large cities are more popular with advertisers, the survey was relatively large, so we recommend you choose Shanghai, Beijing and other large cities.

young people do not have much purchasing power, some enterprises in order to sell results to investigate. So, in order to save costs, they generally choose to have more purchasing power of the crowd to do the investigation, for example, between 40-60 years old, is more purchasing power, enterprise more welcome age group

The development of today’s network

gender is more popular among women:

article by sesame original article on the A5 website, more Wangzhuan wzitem

career should choose technical talents, do not choose advertising category:

monthly income should be filled about 5000-8000 yuan:

believes that want to do Wangzhuan friends and I have met experience! I also began to do at home but also do Wangzhuan, through pay a joining fee to find people to join, to make money through this! But I do not have a personal recommendation! Because I feel better that is a little bit like MLM taste, although some might not! But everyone has their own ideas, so the pay a franchise fee to the relevant Wangzhuan lane may have is not to our taste! Of course also has a lot of domestic investment is not Wangzhuan, but to people feel the reward is too low! So if my friends want to Wangzhuan, I want to do some foreign good, reputable website

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