From Ali’s mother refused to advertiseExodus from the NetEase, Shanda, BM and other large enterpris

but entrepreneurship is not the same as being a professional manager.

doesn’t know much about Ali’s mother. If you have any mistakes, please correct me.

2: the first of the Ali Mama advertising mechanism of Taobao shop owner can Amoy promotion, promotion of a commodity. But the net friend clicks this commodity to enter its shop, bought another merchandise, then stationmaster still is not having income. Bai push. Of course, now has changed to the shop, the whole station to promote, but according to my actual operation, perhaps my ability problems, and there is no obvious performance. Another point is the protection of advertisers, as well as the damage to the webmaster. As the A in July 31st to buy the B station from August 1st to August 7th ad, took place, no payment of all sorts of reasons, or did not do a good job in advertising, or regret, and within 24 hours of other people can not buy this August 1st to August 7th ad. The individual thinks who pays first who should go up first, why should protect advertisement actor, damage the interest of website advocate however?. one might say that the one or two day delay does not matter, the general default advertising price is far less than the price of the package weeks.

I dark horse: if you’re a big company executive and ready to start a business, they might give you some inspiration.

2, the founder brought me the experience of enterprise operation and management; the experience given to me is my understanding of the whole internet. Grand look very accurate in Internet business direction, the Internet got a play. originally grand CIO, I8 hours founder

of course, the former "status quo" is relatively good, but the rise of the road has basically come to an end, such as the former vice president of NetEase Yang Bin, former director of the Northern District of IBM Telecom Hu Zhensheng. Their hearts are unwilling, only entrepreneurship. As for "diving into" the big company, just for the preparation of entrepreneurs, such as "on the road" founder Chen Wei formerly Shanda operating platform director, is still in the minority.

has a client in my website advertising, several times have been Ali mother refused, but once put in success; he thought he was unlucky, met Ali mother unstable. Later, I suggested that he consult Ali mother’s customer service, customer service said, because his ad appeared in the text "first choice" words, belonging to substandard content.

4, foreign companies gave me strategic height. The company grew older, and there was no lack of skills for me. I contacted several big companies out of the entrepreneur, strategic position is also good. Hu Zhensheng

1 look at Ali mother home, many of them are written a few yuan, ten yuan recommended websites or advertising, it seems like Taobao to go the public route; feeling as well in addition to sh419, shlf1314 outside the alliance website, Ali mother should increase the advertising marketing, only willing to pay a large advertising that will have a high quality website appeared in the Ali mama. Although many large sites also hang on Ali’s code, but every time I see is the default advertising category shlf1314.

, that reminds me of the advertising company’s advertising on TV, and it has to be heavily audited before it can be shown on tv. Some advertisements, even on television, were later suspected of being inflated, false or unfair, and later had financial penalties. Of course, this is far.

2, doing professional managers is good, the responsibility will be relatively light. Now the pressure of entrepreneurship is great, we must think of all aspects of the enterprise. In big business, your decision is "what to do" is enough, but when you do an entrepreneurial business, more decision-making is "do not do anything."". We walked a lot of forks, including directional forks. Lots of roads are temptations, looking good, once trying >

1, professional managers and entrepreneurs biggest difference is that the former has a lot of ideas, but can not be achieved. If you tell the boss, I think it should be done this way, but the boss doesn’t think so, so don’t do it. This will make you feel bad. Yang Bin

as far as motivation is concerned, the executives of large companies leaving their businesses are no different from ordinary Entrepreneurs: they are dissatisfied with the status quo.

if Ali mother’s staff, refused to launch, refused to explain why, this will not let customers toss about half a day. So it seems that Ali’s mother has not done enough, or precisely not enough imitation. Ali, mom, this model has long been popular in foreign countries, very fire.

they start business from NetEase, Shanda, and IBM.

there are signs that Ali’s mother has not become the third largest advertising alliance after shlf1314 and sh419, despite her husband. I make a few personal comments:

1 and dispatch net let me preliminary understand what call Internet product, established operation thinking. NetEase let me know what is the Internet Co culture. I was directly in charge of the market in NetEase, involved in marketing, the overall quality of the profession has been expanded here. As an entrepreneurial company, these experiences are very important. Yang Bin

The experience of

for executives who have the courage to change their own, executives experience is a valuable asset.

3, the grand way of work influenced me. Chen Tianqiao often said a few words: "small step, run, go forward!"." These eight words after leaving grand, these years have deep influence to me. You go out of business, do things that others have not done, must be in a very fast pace forward, must promptly adjust the direction. Chen Wei

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