The government of Hongkong actively supports youth entrepreneurship what is missing HK domain name r

then what is the specific process of patent application? Many entrepreneurs may think patent copy is highly complex and must be called by special lawyers

we have been sued by a colleague abroad for the reason that love, marriage and use of their patents we do not have COPY their products, but just strayed into the patent minefield they are applying for. They filed a complaint against Apple’s AppStore, asking for our apps to go down. However, after our analysis, we found that the other party also used a patent on micro-blog dating, so we immediately responded to the other party’s patent infringement suit. Our intention was not to punish each other, but to protect ourselves. The other one is removed the lawsuit.

at the beginning of the business, we will consider what is essential. Linkage world as a domestic domain name registration leadership brand, pointed out:.HK domain name is the necessary domain name suffix.

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but in addition to its benefits, patents can also cause some drawbacks. The most basic characteristic of patent is "public" except "exclusive", that is to say, "patent should be made public"". In China, due to the serious plagiarism, the Internet patent can not be thoroughly protected, it is easy to directly lead to leaks. In addition, in the Internet project, many patent algorithms are window paper. As long as you are open, competitors are easy to refer to.

, director of the Hongkong Government Affairs Bureau Ceng Decheng, Acting Secretary for the Bureau of education Yang Runxiong in the Legislative Council pointed out that the Hongkong government attaches great importance to the development of economy and industry, and actively create conditions for young people to have more and better employment, entrepreneurial environment let it play its director.

.HK domain name: the birth of a spoon, born with

China News Agency reported on January 7th in

last week we had invited to innovative workshops before the legal officer, the United States Department of Silicon Valley law law firm partner Qiu Bochun shared his views on the entrepreneurial company patent, we look at this problem from the point of view of corporate entrepreneurship. "Love" is a company focused on creating a mobile Internet marriage platform for start-up companies, which began in the product development process patent applications, since May 2011, has submitted 7 applications, has been approved 2. Let’s see how Shi Qingnian, his founder, sees patent applications for start-up companies.

*.HK domain name marks the Hongkong international metropolis status, using the.HK website for enterprises to establish an international image on the internet.

whether the development of Hongkong local and Mainland China and overseas market,.HK websites can effectively use both the brand and image of Hongkong to promote the business into the international market.


in the Internet era today, Hongkong as the forefront of Internet popularization, the Internet has become an important part of people’s lives in Hongkong. In the current Hongkong government’s active support for young people’s economic excellent environment, the Internet has become an important part of entrepreneurship, and domain name is the basic resources of the Internet, domain name registration is very important. Whether Hongkong enterprises or foreign trade enterprises,.HK domain have become the best choice, registrations and usage are very out of color, in the course of business if the meaning and value of the use of.HK with the appropriate domain name that can be a multiplier.

so there is no way to avoid such leak risk? We have two lessons: 1. according to Apple’s approach, not directly with the name of the company to apply for a patent, but with the name of subsidiary companies or individuals to apply for. This will not be easily retrieved by competitors and will not be easily targeted by competitors. 2. in writing a patent, pay attention to the technical terminology, try not to leak the core algorithm and implementation model. In general, it is enough to describe the algorithmic framework, which will neither affect the patent application nor let the opponent copy the door.

Hongkong, with the reputation of "Pearl of the Orient", is the world’s financial center and an important port for China and the world. It is the economic Pearl of the world as well as. .HK domain name is ICANN assigned to Hongkong’s exclusive international top-level domain, with its openness and international with students, almost all of Hongkong enterprises to choose the domain name, but also all the domain name suffix domain name protection in one of the enterprise brand.

in order to be more competitive in this Internet era,.HK domain name suffix, it is best to incorporate into their own plans for the establishment of the station. .HK is not only an enterprise domain name, but also a wealth created by the future enterprise. PS:.HK domain name registration latest offer is only 55 yuan

lack of entrepreneurship?.HK domain name registration necessary

in fact, the Internet industry company to apply for a patent There are both advantages and disadvantages. First, where is the profit? The patent, fundamentally speaking, belongs to a commercial means. In addition to its technical nature, there are many other uses. For example, you can have through the product or the company’s patents to enhance the image, can apply to the bank mortgage patent to obtain loans, can use patents to enhance the company’s intangible assets, even through the patent to limit the competitors to their products some premium space.

.HK domain in 2014 increased rapidly, and the development prospect of domain name market is broad. In recent years, with the enterprise and personal brand domain name protection awareness and brand protection, well-known domain name investors said that in recent years, all kinds of domain name trading price has been rapid promotion, domain name transactions are gradually push up.

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