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3, the use of three meals Po, effectively enhance human efficiency, skills upgrading, personnel spending declined, the service experience increased;

traditional restaurants through the Internet to achieve online and offline integration, full channel service, through the management of information technology to improve revenue. For example, in the work of an office building, in the past a lot of people from work began to consider what where to eat lunch today, this is a big problem, and now almost the whole building is through the WeChat lunch meal, the age of the Internet, traditional restaurant management gradually upgraded from the past. Single entity or phone takeout, gradually upgrade to Internet information WeChat restaurant meals delicacy food information delivery system of WeChat, near dozens of hundreds of small and medium-sized restaurant to apply for registration, an office worker or a school student can always open dozens of WeChat WeChat restaurant near a view to choose any service, whether it is online booking, WeChat takeaway, take food, dining, group purchase, etc.. Do not queue up, do not wait, do not worry, three meals, food, WeChat restaurant, as well as a unified network of information management and fast runner distribution services. Providing customized personalized service for consumers.


        when it comes to making money online, you have to know where the money comes from, and how do you generate the economic benefits of the network?

2, restaurant management is not perfect: such as slow food, send wrong meals, low quality of service;


editor’s note: This article is not suitable for the owners to make money, but it can be used for reference to earn money flow of

          before entering the specific learning process, we first talk about whether free white-collar workers can make money online, how to make money? Because many people now think that the Internet economy is a bubble economy, most of the Internet companies are losing money, the network of economic miracle is just a myth blown out by people. If the Internet company itself does not make money, can a free white-collar worker make money online? These questions are not solved, and many of us can not have enough confidence to walk this way.

Internet plus wisdom restaurant should be what kind of


high rent, high labor costs, raw material costs, marketing communication costs, restaurant management efficiency is low, high operating decision-making costs.

is a combination of food and beverage industry manufacture and labor service in one, providing services to consumers and food safety, the Internet to almost all of the products are from the line moved online, and the food and beverage industry processing and production characteristics, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner will need to move to online innovation to meet consumer demand.

the first section of white-collar online money on

Internet reduces procurement costs and allows some semi-finished or raw materials to be purchased online, with different orders per store, >

          the network can not produce a grain, and can not produce a piece of steel; how can its economic benefits be reflected? This is the most original doubt about the network economy. Yes, the network can not produce grain and steel directly. But the service sector and the education sector are not producing grain or steel? Why do people understand that? The main reason is that the service industry and the education industry promote the productive forces more intuitively, and they are reflected from the perspective of production guarantee. The service industry is mainly from the material guarantee it reflects, to ensure that farmers workers can be satisfied, strong work; education industry is mainly reflected from the spirit of security, ensure the workers and peasants can work more effectively mining intelligence. These >

2, the Internet new media marketing program, from offline publicity to online promotion can reach several times the traditional marketing effect;

1 information single, cashier, kitchen management, full platform data reporting system;



1, how do you make money online,


4, cost control unscientific: light open source, not throttling, operating costs remain high;

4, data management restaurants, scientific decision-making, avoid waste, effective control of restaurant operating costs, efficient promotion of restaurant operating efficiency.

          free white-collar workers generally go through three stages of online money making, online part-time work, and online entrepreneurship. These three stages can only be said to be roughly divided, because each stage is permeated with each other, and it is impossible to make an absolute division, which is also decided by the nature of the "free" work of the free white-collar workers. The first online money making phase actually includes online part-time jobs and even online start-ups. But free white-collar workers at this stage to make money online, online survival oriented. But at this stage no professional freedom for most white-collar workers, is a very critical period, often will eventually develop, at this stage can persist, and obtain better economic results. However, for professional white-collar professionals, this stage can be completely skipped, directly into the second stage. But for a free white-collar without professional expertise, this chapter can be said to be the most important part of the book, we must concentrate on, hard work, master it.

what was the restaurant like in the past,


1, employee efficiency is low: low wages, poor quality, efficiency is also low;

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