Short online rental China does not have Airbnb! s B2C the best mode



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[i] Airbnb horse reading reminder hot online short rent, but do not have the Chinese transplant its soil, what local "Airbnb" what kind of


just entered 2013, short hire industry suddenly lively. First, short rent ants, short piglets rent, respectively, access to nearly tens of millions of dollars of financing. At the beginning of February, the way home network also announced the completion of two rounds of financing, totaling 400 million yuan. Has the advent of online short rental come on,


in fact, under the line, the demand for short rental housing has been there, the most typical is the hospital, the school surrounding a large number of short rental housing, but the short rent Internet exploration has been slow progress. I love my home, in 2005 launched the "short rental home" business, but has not been able to scale. During the 2008 Olympic Games, the short rental demand in the Beijing market was high, but as the Olympic Games closed, demand was leveling off and unable to continue to promote a short rental industry.

domestic short rental start, the first year is 2011. This year, love daily rental, ants short rental, travel the world, the way home and other sites have short rent online, to city tourism, short rent short rent different types. The market has grown rapidly since 2011.

although the short-term rental market has just started, but the line of contention has emerged. One is the "ant short rent" as a representative of the C2C model, this model to build online platform for tenants and landlords direct communication, because relatively grassroots, also known as the rental sector "Taobao"". The second is the way home network as the representative of the B2C mode, this mode of Housing Trust for the vacation, which is from the rental transaction, to the property management line, hosted by the way home, is taking the high-end business line. In fact, in addition to the home network, most online short rental companies are C2C model. According to data published by iResearch, the C2C model currently has the lion’s share of the market.

but will the short rental market in the future be dominated by the C2C model? Will the B2C model have the chance to roll over and become the mainstream of the short rental market?

Airbnb spawned an online short rental

answer the above questions, we must first understand the process of online short rental.

online short rental originator is the United States Airbnb. Founded in 2008, the site aims to move offline short rental businesses online. Currently, Airbnb business in 167 countries, nearly 8000 cities, known as the rental housing industry eBay. Last July, Airbnb announced the completion of the second round of financing. Recently, there was news that Airbnb completed a new round of financing, the company’s valuation reached $2 billion 500 million. At present, Airbnb’s business is still developing rapidly.


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