Two level directory and two level domain name three big comparison

two level domain name and two level directory, we must be very clear is how a concept bar, talk about the following three big difference,


two directory and two domain name, which is more use included


two directory is relying on the network domain name weight, domain name included in good condition, direct can speed up the two level directory included, compared to the two level domain, two level domain name in the search engine is an independent web site included in more than two directories slightly slower, which is two level directory easier for search engines. Two domain names sometimes will also enter the search engine study period.

level two directory and level two domain name weight

The weight of

two directory increases, can improve the weight of the domain name, instead the primary domain of the weight increase, for example, weight, but also to promote the two directories, usually to a search engine, often will find some directory than paging professional website ranking, the other main reason, is the primary domain of the weight high by, but if your site more authority, can adopt two level domain name line, the two level domain is more conducive to the breakdown of website classification, contribute to the different classification, different weights of two level domains.

level two directory and level two domain name user experience


two directory form is easy for users to remember the web page, and the two level domain name form, more convenient for users to distinguish down two domain URL, use more users directly enter the URL to access, and more and more professional categories, and the two level domain name line, of category, region, industry with the division, there are two domain names using the improved website authority.

comprehensive consideration, if your website category is not many, it is recommended to adopt the form of two levels of directory, so that more conducive to flagship brand promotion and improve the website weight. If you are a number of categories, content rich website, suggest you use two domain names in the form of such a more favorable classification independent operators to promote and improve the user experience, and if the two level domain name search engine to master downgrade, the impact is not great, but if two directory search engine, directly effect of the weight of the main station, two directory more master domain name, and the two level domain form, more differentiation, specialization, more conducive to enhance the brand station synchronization.

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