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The ancients cloud

, observant enemy, is expected to win, but now we as a webmaster, as military adviser and natural enemy generals, how can we make our strategy to siege like effect charge into the enemy ranks, in one fell swoop, nature is marketing, at present many long is not built, but transformed into marketing last, a customer is Mo Xiang Mega business before the big boss, traditional access to the Internet, do, what to do, nature is how to do marketing, how to promote the marketing strategy, many and varied, is now one of the popular soft.

personal soft brand, build

if you are born in spring and autumn, then you don’t know Lu Songsong, because now rely on the comment to promotion, blog updates without stop day in and day out, natural success, change a perspective, this policy is not difficult to become a metaphor for the soft, soft key point is a two can achieve much value, mainly or continue to use soft tactics to build a personal brand, to a point:

March to war should not disrupt morale, as we write the same soft, choose the direction is a reason, the siege of a stronghold, kill all enemies, as Lu Songsong is also as promotion review.

personal brand building perseverance, good at using the media is the future of brand promotion necessary, and as a webmaster, naturally can put these applications to our customers, products, services.

electricity supplier industry soft text marketing promotion

business is a hot topic, remember a week before the speed transit online salon held third, the topic is to discuss business vertical segments, then how to wantonly enter the electricity business leader, in addition to adequate forage, the line of the second king of the mountain many generals and ample soldiers, and just wake up the electricity supplier rookie, for them, and net fishing point, in the guerrilla campaign ads surrounded by three layers of the three layer and how to combine these leaders, a new natural, soft, become the first choice, because of its high efficiency, continue to exist.

but for new electricity supplier, brand value creation, product promotion service seems not too optimistic, also staged three sworn brothers like the merger of mergers and acquisitions, so electricity providers opponents is married, the electricity supplier marketing is to address each other as brothers, shaping the brand value through loyal customers and gain market diversification, let a person be at a loss what to do.

electricity supplier soft text reference:

product description is not a mumbo-jumbo, thriving small fresh, tell young people the development of online shopping, it seems in the success of the product description, the sales copy, originality of things, it is bound to trigger a discussion yesterday, NetEase 3.15 special

is not so?

personal webmaster baby website

some people say, the website is like our baby, day and night taking into account the changes in its ranking, like ">."

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