Reasons for the high rate of website jumping out

is now a lot of new SEO are optimized in order to optimize, they do the purpose of the station is to let Baidu included it, but we did not think deeply, what is to let Baidu included the purpose? Or to allow more users to search to your site, so is our ultimate goal in order to attract users.

webmaster work hard every day to update the article, send the chain, do rankings, finally included increased, ranking stable, also have users to leave, lead to your site’s jumping rate will be very high. If your site spider love, but users do not love it, just an empty shell. Today, Xiao Bian would like to discuss with you, what is the cause of the high rate of Web site jumping out?.

the first point, a messy website. In my own case, if I go to a website, immediately jump out of out of order advertising, if the contents not quite what I want to see, then I will immediately withdraw, I believe a lot of friends is the same. The website may advertise, but must hit reasonably, does not want those popups and so on, even if you play out, also not many people can be interested, but can let the human be disgusted with.

second points, no nutrition content. Of course, if your site is good at the first point, consider the second factor. Users come to your website, is certainly want to find what he wants in, get useful knowledge; but if you just let the spider think your website full and add non nutrient content, so the user will eventually will stay away from your website.

third, the article updates slowly. Some owners may think, when you reach a certain number of sites included, in order to save time, is not can not update the article? From the user’s perspective, this is absolutely not, if your site has no content, users are not over and over for the information you want, so for a long time certainly, he will not come.

well, these three points is small included cited, sure site out the reasons for the high rate not only these, there are some details of things, this is the webmaster do stand in the process of thought, which is the process of each SEO experience, the last hope to help content to everyone.

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