We must know why website will continue to drain the user

The development of

, with the increase of Internet users and web traffic increases as the premise, to now, to make a website is not a very difficult thing, do not even know any programs, spend hundreds of dollars can have their own website. It is because of the Internet all kinds of site of innumerable, in order to attract more traffic, many sites have taken some sacrifice the user experience, and forced to enhance the flow of hooliganism. But I do not know such a rogue means, in a short period of time can really gather a certain amount of traffic, but in the long run, such a means will only continue to drain customers, and finally reduced to no one cares about the garbage.

what are the most objectionable users and the most users?

an article is divided into N pages

Cut an article in

into N segments, each segment is a page, especially the picture, even a picture of a web page, not only caused a waste of bandwidth, and browse very uncomfortable, usually browse before a few shut down. This is actually a one-sided pursuit of website PV traffic, or the editor to accomplish the task by unscrupulous means.

opens too many new windows,

may Chinese love to open a new window to browse the web, but not all the web pages on the site to open new window, see the content of a web page is the most hate, the dozens of windows open, like psoriasis as plastered all over the window. This means of coercion and even gradually affect people’s operating habits, and some people even think that this is reasonable, it is depressing ah.

content is too deep in

is also a common technique. For example, if you click on a piece of news, it does not go to the final content page, but runs to the front of a channel. It makes people feel at sea. It’s like when you see a leaf, and when you’re ready to pick it up, you find it running into the forest and you have to work hard to find the naughty leaves. Say yes, this is called "strengthening the user’s attention to the channel". In fact, it is cheating the users.

even collected articles are watermark

if the picture is your exclusive shot or copyright, then add watermark is understandable. However, many websites have watermarks that do not have copyrighted pictures, which are plagiarism and embezzlement, and have a serious impact on the aesthetic vision of the picture. It has spread to the video, also began to add watermarks, and some forums even text is also added watermark. It seems that all of China has begun to protect its intellectual property on the internet.

primary and secondary, regardless of advertising everywhere,

has some website owners may want to make money like crazy, advertising on the page is actually the main content more, I think in the long run, this is not a good thing, it will make access to reduce the number of advertising, eventually lead to earn less money, do not try.

More than

of these means a lot of streams

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