Stationmaster when doing a website to decide, must begin from oneself actual situation

                what is the initial work of the site? I believe many webmaster will answer the application domain name. Yes, you have to have a domain name first. But now apply for space, the first will send you a two level domain name. Do standing is a need to long-term adherence to the matter, there are many novice webmaster and not insist on and leave half way, so hurry to apply for domain name, may be so wasted. Whether the application domain name or site of knowledge or learning, determine the theme of the site or the later website promotion or should be established on the premise of good website positioning, only do the positioning of the website, the website can work everything in good order and well arranged one to implement step by step.

then, how exactly should websites be located? Building a website is a very hard task. There is a lot of work to be done. Grassroots webmaster is a very talented and motivated groups, do it in the selection are aspiring to lofty sentiments and aspirations, and his stand to make Sina, Sohu, NetEase, all want to become Ma, Robin Li, Ma Huateng like figure. But this is unrealistic, grassroots is grass roots, a person’s energy is limited, and can germinate into a towering tree, after all, a small number. Grassroots Adsense do the most primitive, but also the most realistic purpose is to get traffic, make money. Whether you can make money is the most practical problem of grassroots webmaster. Adsense nets satisfied think in the webmaster website positioning must be from their own reality, any station behavior should be in their actual situation as the basis, only from their own reality, in order to maximize their talents into play, to make money. Positioning too high, energy, financial resources, technology will restrict the development of the site.

from its actual site positioning, mainly in the following areas:

‘s own interests. Interest is one of the prerequisites for success. To do a station, we should first do it according to our own interests, we must not blindly follow the trend. If you follow the novel stand hot fiction station, do classified information website is hot you can do classification of information station, if you have no interest in this, three minutes after being forced by hard work, will be difficult to stick to it. So in the choice of theme of the site, must choose their own interest, not love things and stay together morning and night will do more harm than good.

‘s own ability. That’s crucial. Site positioning is different, the site of the workload is different, if you do not have the energy, no ability to stay up late, hard to update, then you try not to choose the need for a large number of long-term updates of the site type. In the choice of site procedures, but also according to their technical ability to choose, and if the technology is general, you can choose Dede, CMS, etc., relatively easy to use, simple procedures. Own ability is relatively high, you can try now more respected div+css. Location of the long-term development of the site is to do what, if your ability is limited, long-term positioning website is not too high.

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