Webmaster sentiment in fact, do a web site with a child

1. love, the passion of the product, the crystallization of emotion – VS – purely personal interests, passion, and for the purpose of the station.

After "

a beautiful accident children" was born, the owners will build a website as their own personal interests, or to a network with eight pole could not beat the hobby of sun on the network, in order to find the work much like drawn to like "lovers, began his journey to station. The purpose of these sites, the network technology enthusiasts due to their relatively "rich", "children" dressed "beautifully dressed", "a riot of colours", a variety of special effects everywhere, all kinds of new, strange and tools should emerge in an endless stream. And those to a hobby for one third of an acre in the network owners, their "children" is "simple" much. Simple, clear, and even pure static HTML, CSS, div is too luxurious for them. But anyway, the station is still built.

2. in order to have the plan, have the purpose of procreation, gave birth to a baby – VS – to make money and station.

has a clear purpose, obtained through a series of "movement" results! Buy a domain name space is like a blind date, day and night to add content, promotion is like love, occasionally a little server bug is like a quarrel with his girlfriend, when to get the first pen advertising when the MJJ. Like got pregnant wife single laboratory medicine happy! What time is MJJ, the wedding, you want to.

3., a shit, a urine, feed a big child, -VS- bit by bit, the web site,

!Update the

estimates than with everyday to fee a child experiences estimate to be where the morning sleep when others are still in the nest, we have to sit in front of the computer at night; others have been meeting with the dream fairy sister, we are still sitting in front of the computer. Update, promotion, promotion, update, site began with a day in and day out, finally half children like, although not to be bullied, but also can protect themselves! At this stage the child had better go out to see the world, learn self-reliance. This site is the same, although traffic is limited, but small, can make full use of their own resources at hand, began to try to use the site to earn money to "raise a station to station"! In a variety of ways for profit seekers, and gradually find out the suitable development route and mode of


4. children grow up, -VS- website traffic tends to stabilize, realize profit!


children grow a little bit, no longer need meticulous care, and began to know filial piety, parents feedback. Website slowly mature, users, traffic growth, regional stability, maintenance and updating work on track. The profit model has also been established and matured.

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