A failed station for several years to do experience

            I also often go on ADMIN5.; today I can not help myself at last; I also write my own course of doing the station,.

            the first station from the beginning of 2003, the Luhe Railway Station, then Liuhe is the fire, watching some of the Luhe Railway Station a poster are price of 700 yuan / month, a month income of nearly million, he is jealous. Got a foreign station, when I started college, aspiring to want to make a success of the Liuhe forum to engage in income, failed,   personal summary is too much competition, and it is difficult to make its own characteristics, so the station to died shortly.

        because in the college dating very expensive, often cash strapped,     when the film is a registered Sheng, got a beauty forum,   PS; a lot of Japanese customers connected results every day down there are 40 yuan of income, rejoicing, that the success of.    the station but good times don’t last long, income drop of 0, one of the reasons, the webmaster of unknown self-knowledge.

        and then continue to do the film forum webmaster, Trading Forum, fashion forum, forum actress, all.    about this; settle a matter by leaving it unsettled; energy-saving, the intention to do a special let the webmaster trading platform, & nbsp;   then I search on Baidu, found that only a ADMIN5, I remember when ADMIN5 is only a forum and portal, but also has just started, few people,   but then feel promotion effort, gradually lose confidence, also spent. 

      back up, really made a lot of garbage station. And the fun is just a new excitement of.  the majority of owners is such, spent a lot of time a lot of energy, the results were made in the dumpster. Think of sad.

    now summed up,   do station first or positioning; one is to look at the needs; one is to see the competition;     stick to it, you can succeed.

    now I’m still doing the station;   made a lesbian oriented dating station;   standing here has been 7 days, the development of good, IP every day about 1500, the station atmosphere >

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