99 car online two months profit eight thousand

99 car network since March 25th 09 line up to now, there are more than two months, and on-line one and a half months began to do the market. 99, the car network positioning is to car dealers and car related industries advertising, so the real estate network or as a media to do. Because the site rankings, traffic and other aspects are now relatively good, the site recommended to dealers when they get their approval. In the process of developing the market in the past half month, two dealers have signed the contract with the 99 car net. Although the amount is not large, it is also a good beginning.

because I am not a technical background, I do not know much about technology, so here I mainly emphasize the market positioning and operation of the website. The site’s positioning is a detailed analysis of the industry and the market you intend to enter before you start doing it. What is the profit point of future website, also want to know fairly well. Of course, a lot of people have said that web traffic is a prerequisite for website profit, I do not deny that the site traffic to make money, but I think because the site for browsing, web traffic is also a big gap. For example: a large integrated shopping mall may reach tens of thousands of people a day, but tens of thousands of people may buy only a few thousand of them, these thousands of people may buy only a few hundred tea, or even less. A tea shop may receive only a few hundred guests a day, but hundreds of people are basically selling tea. So, in the end, the results are the same for tens of thousands and hundreds. I hope webmaster friends do not blindly go to the site of traffic, but also to the nature of the site to do a positioning, you are targeting those who browse, these visitors can account for about the total proportion of what is going on.

website profit: I now only analysis of local industry portal operation, I have many of the same industry and communicate in the process of doing station, many webmaster operations a year, and are several people together. I think their website is doing very well, but they all complain that the website is not profitable, and they feel that the website is not perfect enough, and the competitors have been doing it for several years. They have been keeping websites from going with the market, leading to a lack of understanding of the market and a growing gap with their competitors. In fact, the local website is the most important brand, and the brand is good reputation. Mention your web site, we all know, have seen you, enough half of it. Webmaster friends, in addition to the site’s technology, must pay attention to the operation of the website, as soon as possible to make your station profit is the purpose. In this rapid development of the Internet a few days, never to make money opportunities remain in tomorrow, because we do not know what the Internet is like tomorrow.

webmaster friends if you do not Wangzhuan, not by website alliance to make money, then I suggest you don’t keep staring in front of the computer website ranking and website traffic, go to your website to sell to people who need it!

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