How to improve the website traffic

what is website traffic?.

is usually said site traffic (traffic) refers to the site visits, the number of pages is used to describe the index to access a web site as the number of users and user browsing, commonly used statistical indicators including the number of users, independent website the total number of users (including repeat visitors), the number of page views, each user’s browsing the number of users, the average residence time in the site etc.. What are the main statistical indicators of access traffic?. The flow is also a determinant factor of the value of the site, if a site no flow is equal to no one, then this website also has what the meaning of it, to individuals or enterprises how to increase website traffic is after the completion of the construction should be to do.

How does

improve web traffic?.

1. forum promotion.

believe this is many webmaster first is the most commonly used form of publicity, to the high popularity of the forum fever, you can page some useful information, with links to related pages in the forum release, so we could exchange a lot of traffic, and there is no negative effect.

2. joins the flow alliance to increase traffic.

early popular mutual friendship links, but today, after a certain amount of traffic, you need to join the flow Union, in order to further expand traffic. For example, text chains, and the recent rise in lattice traffic.

3. search engine optimization.

many home pages actually do very well, but they don’t pay attention to optimizing the search engine pages so that they can be crawled to more and deeper content. In doing the content at the same time, combined with search engine optimization, so that keywords ranking more forward, in order to obtain more traffic. Do not promote short-sighted behavior cheating, because once found, will inevitably be severely punished, the loss outweighs the gain.

4. event marketing promotion.

on the event marketing promotion, online also has many success stories. There are hot events at every stage, and that’s a huge opportunity. Some time ago, when Steamed Buns stir, there are people registered with Steamed Buns. Chinese corn, can bring tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of traffic from search engines every day, of course, the use of these web traffic also worry about not making money. Others use " a corn trigger; " also attracts a lot of eyeballs and gets a lot of traffic.

there are also some ways of using web traffic regularly.

(1) to the Post Bar forum, publicity: This is effective, note a few points: propaganda don’t send a look that is advertising posts, so you end, diligent master 1 minutes to delete, serious still seal up your IP, this propaganda does not do hair! With the content of the post, according to the nature of the forum related posts, finally can write " the posts from your station &quo>

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