2015, China’s latest development of micro business circle of friends, whether the electricity suppli

The recent development of

China derivative is very popular, there are many disputes, change very quickly, one of the people from the media value for people to sort out front-line combat (frontline combat people don’t have time to the whole industry), especially in the traditional industry, comb can better guide the practice of their specific work.

micro business to what extent, it can be seen from the Baidu index, search for relevant keywords now micro business people, already is about 10 times the Taobao search listings and other relevant keywords, the objective data reflects the derivative is more (the degree of concern has exceeded Taobao), after all a lot of people will be derivative as a China e-commerce in the future and straw;

and micro business has been disputed to what extent, my micro-blog has just made a micro voting, 300 people to participate, 70% against micro business, 30% support micro business. Now, micro business (friends circle, electricity supplier) has become synonymous with MLM, and that article exposing micro dealers who use PS means to show false income, false chat records, false delivery practices also lead to great controversy.


one, carding one, first of all, the concept of micro dealer is to comb the

is now in most people’s eyes, the micro business equivalent of WeChat circle of friends because the micro electricity supplier, ordinary people are currently in contact through the circle of friends (the other is WeChat form of electricity providers because basically no flow and fans, are ignored), but the derivative is equivalent to the circle of friends know is definitely wrong, narrow the public has such knowledge; but, it is very difficult to reverse, to take advantage of, not to twist, can be defined as the industry:

1, micro business: WeChat sellers circle of friends, collectively referred to as derivative


2, WeChat electricity supplier: you can use WeChat electricity supplier to correctly summarize the entire WeChat eco electricity supplier, including

WeChat B2C: Jingdong’s WeChat first class shopping portal, this is the authentic WeChat B2C, Tencent WeChat official support WeChat electricity supplier;

micro micro shop shop: the word is the Jingdong WeChat entrance take the past opened two shopping channel "micro shop", became the official micro store; micro shop including Jingdong micro shop, pat micro shop, the official WeChat store; also called a micro shop is a Tencent investment open pocket shopping the shop also called micro shop;

micro quotient: WeChat circle of friends electricity supplier;

WeChat public store: the shop developed on the WeChat public number (service number);


third party service shop: the use of micro, pocket pass and three party service providers to develop WeChat WeChat


WeChat o2o: has physical store WeChat electricity supplier, Tencent micro shopping, etc.;

WeChat life service providers: Tencent, micro businesses, micro group purchase high friends, public comment also belongs to WeChat life service providers, and WeChat into a >

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