The eight feature is called a successful user interface

when building your user interface and a web interface, interface design methods and modes of all kinds of information you can use, solutions to common problems and general usability recommendations. The guidelines given by the following experts may lead you to create a good user interface, but what exactly is a good interface? What are the features that a valuable user interface should have?

The following eight features of

are what I think are necessary for a good user interface:



familiar with

easy to respond to





, let’s take a closer look at each feature:

1. Clear clear

clarity is the most important element of user interface design. In fact, all of the purpose of user interface design is to enable people to interact with your system through communication and functionality. If people don’t know how your app works or where to go on your website, they’ll be confused and frustrated.


what is this? When the mouse moves to the WordPress button, the tooltip pops up to explain its function.

2. Concise concise

clear user interface is good, but you should be careful not to get overly clear. Definitions and explanations are easy to add, but you do so at the same time increase the scale. Your interface scale increases. Add too many explanations, and your users will have to spend too much time reading them.

not only keeps it clear, but also keeps it simple. When you can explain a function in one sentence, do not use three sentences. When you can mark an item with a single word, don’t use two. Maintaining brevity saves your users valuable time. It’s not easy to keep clear and concise, but it takes time and effort to achieve it, but it pays off.


uses two small icons in the volume control of OS X to display the volume from low to high.

3. Familiar familiar with

many designers strive to make their interfaces intuitive. But what does the intuitive really mean? Intuitive, that is, it can be understood and understood naturally and instinctively. But how can you be more intuitive? You can do it by becoming familiar with it.

is familiar, similar to what you have encountered before. When you know what you know, you know how

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