There is confusion, there is development, careful thinking and good website development every step

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A5 website every day there are so many authors share their site experience, words reveal a confident and relaxed, as if the construction site shoudaoqinlai, but the fact is that what it is I want to say is the only master in the eyes of the world for the new website, hand, website is not so clear outline novice, encountered in the actual operation process of confusion than imagined, had to again and again three to make some choices, will continue to face the confusion, we can not rely on others, only with the help of self think of themselves, because the site is the ultimate destiny in our hands.

actually I do webmaster not too long time, experience is not particularly rich, naturally can not write that kind of skill particularly strong, but I am an out of ignorance and slowly mature webmaster, although not a deep understanding of the industry, but I is facing confusion and problems of novice webmaster facing, I also understand the novice webmaster in the face of these problems is helpless, so I summed up the experience about their site six months of experience, to share to you, hope it can make you use.

confused one: is it original or collect


it is estimated that we most often face the problem, because the industry always mentioned in this sentence, "content is king, the chain for emperor", like when I first do the webmaster, a friend said to me, we must grasp the construction content and the chain, do not copy other people’s content. This will make the site directly by K and so on, which makes me ten thousand alert is the construction of website content! But then again, a website always use the original article, who can stand? A lot of the original article supply requires a team to operate, but for the grass-roots webmaster of this team does not exist, because the site from A to Z is a person I do, no other helper, a personal independence blog before, a few days before every blog to send a lot of original articles to seduce spider, but I’d better not Stick to it.

because, for the new blog, the previous articles too much investment, and I can’t make up a single day so many things, blogs are like this, not to mention the site, and I directly collapse. So in my opinion to the original content of this sentence is not wrong, but we should be appropriate for the grass-roots webmaster change, make it more in line with their actual situation, we in the construction of website content, can high quality articles about the appropriate collection of peers, and this acquisition is not blindly copy and paste but, to put the summary of views, to express their meaning, on the basis of the creation of the original article, such a comprehensive, not only the original article supply and quality assurance, can be said as an arrow.

confused two: regular updates or website stability

grassroots webmaster building site has many obstacles, one of which is capital investment. As far as I’m concerned, buying web templates requires money to buy virtual spaces

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