Webmaster, how to get your website back to life (serialization 1)

as the pace of the Internet moves forward, the number of sites on the Internet, large and small, is several times better than in 2007, adding to the progress of our small owners.

below, I would like to talk about my website, is my personal experience, how to do it, the website back to life, I have accumulated experience for entertainment only!


at the end of 2007, the Spring Festival is busy, no time to talk to my website, did not expect Baidu’s power on the stretch me, my website for my K, I was on my head station is basically to lose confidence in the


suddenly spring festival is over, in order to give their station to create a better development model, I decided to put my head station www.52touxiang.cn station to do garbage as 08 years in January, when the Internet, those small alliance is countless, but those who are business alliances, not much feeling the meaning of. Sometimes earn 3 days, 1 days spent finished, really full 1 meals, hungry for 3 days!


after repeated consideration, I decided not to put the experience into the business alliance, 08 years at the beginning of February, I chose the non business flow exchange alliance. We just find a flow Union for example, we have 241 Union. (address: www.241lm.cn write address is to let more webmaster out) is a good choice of this alliance, is whether you today there is no point, he will give you back to the IP, because he is not business, he can really achieve membership flow sharing, this alliance to be connected to him casually what! 1 days as long as 1 points, the other side also can give you back 10 IP or so, so you don’t have the prospect of the website? No matter what kind of people to visit, as long as there is IP can increase your website visibility


development so far, even the station has been on the 3000IP, and I hope more webmaster out of trouble,


, in fact, entertainment sites choose alliance flow exchange is a good thing, I hope we all consider………

how to bring your website back to life, serial first end, please look forward to, serialized

editor comments: Generally speaking, the so-called traffic alliance, in fact, is the exchange of virtual traffic platform, "no matter whether you have today or not point in, he will give you return IP"?? Very strong, very public welfare, but will there really be such a platform for public welfare?

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