My view on buying or exchanging links

first, first check the site, to see whether the health, is updated frequently, whether clean pages, the whole framework is reasonable, some stations went in to feel very messy, over the seven fell eight, or long-term not update, this station would not continue to see, the search engine must be excluded the.

second points, SITE site, check the engine included pages, snapshots are not updated, included in the amount of less, but there are obvious rankings except. General choice, snapshots remain in three days, included more than 1000+, anti – connect more. Some stations, SITE home is not in the first, this should also pay attention to, and may have been down right, but not necessarily all.

third points, and that is to see the PR value, the right to be down, PR hijacked must not. Choose the time of the station, similar sites priority, the PR value of about 1 difference between the best.

fourth points, take a look at the site’s export links, and if you export a lot of links, you will be assigned to the weight of very little, no effect, such sites do not do links. Prefer low weight, but less export links, the general export links in less than 20 best.

fifth, give priority to the use of link anchor text, anchor text code to check whether there is nofollow, and the other code or had other hands do not, this check, many webmaster easy to ignore.

sixth points, and do home links, we should pay attention to the home page source code, whether it contains anchor text code, to avoid being used Inframe and other hands and feet huyou.

finally remind is, if you are buying links, to prevent being cheated, many of them are now selling intermediary links are crooks and give up after you and gave you down, to seek personal gain, so you have to personally contact the owners, so the chances of being cheated will be much smaller.

above is my experience in buying links and exchange links experience, I hope to help you webmaster.

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