What resources should be used to make inventory

website operation, without resources, is difficult to develop. Why are many stations hovering around the edge of life and death, the fundamental reason is that there is no strong resources. As a Tencent, with a strong customer resources, so he does everything not late, not afraid of copying others; let people test the water first, then why is he has catch up from behind; strong customer resources. Therefore, this article on website operation, integration of resources to do a shallow analysis.

one, the most basic resources, money,


from planning, to construction, to the operation, to the maintenance, all the money. Therefore, some of the capital rich sites can be developed rapidly, that is, burn money. For the vast number of webmaster, if you can melt into the capital, that is the biggest resources; but this for the vast number of webmaster is the biggest threshold. So for the new web site, including interest, to sideline, not profitable webmaster, even during 2-3 webmaster, have a business, and then to the most secure network as a sideline. Because the main industry is your most basic source of resources. You run a website, space, domain name is hard cost, maybe you want to buy, buy links, maybe you have to do small AD, maybe buy, buy IP, these are you have a source to support you. Otherwise, if your station may always be unknown, naturally unable to create profits, and eventually will force you to leave the industry. So many cases around, such a webmaster, such a friend – once comrades in arms,


two, the best use of resources, contacts,

has a famous saying: "connections are money.". That’s true. It’s certainly hard to develop a website without contacts. This network includes two aspects, a network of contacts, a life of connections:

network connections, including webmaster friends friends, to make a few good webmaster friends, we can be win-win cooperation; information sharing, sharing of experiences (detours save money time and energy cost is not good, maybe you could use a new friend hung above the PR3456 site links).

people in your life, including relatives, friends, classmates, etc., are people who can help you launch and promote websites. Isn’t there a theory of six degrees, that is to say, at the beginning of the two, the stranger, at most 6 indirect connections, can connect the two people, which is also the theoretical basis of SNS. And do not say whether it is so accurate, but this way introduce people’s power is infinite. Let your friends ask his friend, his friend asked his friends of friends, this infinite development; NetEase do not have a word here: the fabric of human power. And the webmaster to do is gather the power of networking, and mobilize the power of networking.

but to have a good network of a basic requirement is that you are a love to make friends, you are a worthy person, you are an outgoing person; although not absolute, but compared to meet these requirements, networking will be a lot easier for the recent operation! A new station is >

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