Talking about what kind of station is the fastest way to make money

the day before yesterday to see a survey said, Chinese now has about 3000000 small owners, but the lack of a real profit of 5, the survey looked after feel a reflection, why do Wangzhuan so simple things, there are so many webmaster can’t make money? I have a brief talk about their own views: in the end the webmaster what station should do to make money? What kind of station is the shortest? These questions I think is likely to be many webmaster concern. I have been engaged in network construction for at least 4 years, and now I will share my experience with you.

first of all, is to build a station, to buy a domain name and space, choose what kind of domain name and space, this I believe that we are all familiar with, and here no longer details. But to remind everyone, pay attention to the quality of space in the purchase, and now many of the space business is unreliable space, I hope you must pay attention to, in case of deception.

second is a crucial step. What station is built to make money? What money to build station effect? There are many stations now, not what QQ, non mainstream stock, and what female stations are many, and the other is at least a dozen, here I do not introduced one by one, if there is need to contact me, we communicate together. But I personally suggest, for the novice to do movie station, I think the effect is more obvious, and relatively simple, easier to use, but also easier to make money, so that can increase their confidence. Because this thing I have to personally experience, but for some old webmaster webmaster, master, this may not be a good choice for the novice, I think this should be a good role. Here, I need to emphasize is that now make the movie station should pay attention to the selection and construction of the template of the movie station, if you are not good, you may have no way to the station operation or your station is not successful. If you need any advice, you can communicate with me. I usually stay online at night. I hope I can help you in time.

third, this is the station built, how to operate it? In fact, this thing, I think it should be relatively simple. For example, you have the flow, afraid of making money? That’s the reason, so how to make money will not be repeated.

finally, if you want to have a better study, you can go to my station to have a look. Here, I’ll publish it for you to see: If you need to learn, you can contact me. My QQ:347838345

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