Small local portal construction experience

this article is suitable for small areas, the population is not many, especially those in the western population of less than 50W, or third of the economy is not very sensitive to the small county town of the construction of the portal site.

first described under my own stand ideas, I always think that do not simply to live, we are now doing the station is divided into two parts: website construction and website operation, these two parts complement each other. Technology needs to be operational, and operations need to be achieved by current viable technologies rather than unconstrained thinking. Therefore, must according to own actual situation as well as in own area actual situation carries on certain investigation and the analysis.

                  to analyze such as technology, their various resources and capabilities from their own analysis, to make a preliminary thinking, then sort out a general plan, it has not only high efficiency, but also make you more confident. (if you do not 2 months program from DEDECMS to PHPCMS to SUPERSITE to the imperial light program started with time and let you have no power to debug, on your site not to mention the possibility of local portal pre profit and very low) were analyzed such as their local population from their own place (here mainly refers to city population) is a local Internet users have been accustomed to the local city residents’ attitude of local site and whether already in the local formation of well-known local businesses much on the network propaganda relies on Network Of course, these problems you can generally be visited by analysis of local sites and Internet cafes, should be easy to come in, the more you know, may go less detours.

here in my home county as an example to me the above discussion: Jingbian county is located in the junction of Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia City, the population should be about 25W (this is before I refer to the information and consultation with stakeholders that the relatively conservative), is to rely on natural resources to develop the typical City, located in the west of 50 the county, so the county network coverage is very high, the number of Internet users has many Internet cafes and consultation by visiting some friends, the result is also in line with national conditions, which most users are now Chinese Internet users are QQ game film. Because I too old users, so have attracted the attention of several places the local site, also participated in some of their activities under the line, through the analysis of these years of development and change, the local businesses on the network still has a certain degree of awareness Some people and units still have a certain demand for local networks, and these sites have a certain reputation in our county. After a rough analysis, I started the basic construction of the website on my own ability.

first domain name selection and site naming, local portal domain name registration, the best should be the local phonetic.Com domain name, but now >

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