College students keen to sell fruit

recently a survey is very interesting, it is said that many college students are inclined to choose to start selling, selling fruit, send out the like. Recently, Zhaopin released a survey shows that in college students entrepreneurial projects, the most popular is not technology, finance and other high-tech projects, but selling fruit". Why college students keen to send out to sell fruit or do catering? Why do college students tend to choose low technology content and low gold content?

2014, the total number of college graduates in China reached 7 million 270 thousand, an increase of more than 2013 of 280 thousand, many college students have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. According to a survey, Zhaopin announced that a year ago had the entrepreneurial intention of students accounted for 3.2%, now increased to 6.4%, the data significantly doubled; in addition, the students start the project, the project is not the technology, financial and other high technology content of the most popular, but the "delivery", a more than 60% of the students that if they start, it will be your first choice.

in "a strong atmosphere of innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples", entrepreneurship is a beautiful landscape, students have a divergence free thinking, a powerful and unconstrained style ideas of entrepreneurship, some successful cases praised by everyone, like Wang Ruixu, the winner of Li Keqiang met with Prime Minister of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine student entrepreneurs. But like Wang Ruixu such a successful case of college students is a minority.

"basic type" to start living

in June this year just from Jiangmen Wuyi University graduate Deng Cong, his entrepreneurial team had been doing research and development of a virtual robot intelligent software, as long as access to the electricity supplier B2C platform can be used, and the research of virtual robot "emotional intelligence", its purpose is to gradually replace the customer with the artificial intelligent robot. Recently, the project also won the Hongkong Cyberport first creative micro fund 100 thousand yuan, such as Deng Cong "tall" business so many students early entrepreneurs are very envious.

but previously, Deng Cong did a lot of small business "project". Deng Cong said that he had a classmate at the beginning just want to earn some money to do the campus napkin cloud recommendation

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